MPD patrol cars to get dashcams & GPS

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Dashcams will be installed in all Memphis Police patrol cars.

The process to install the cameras, which also have GPS, will take more than a year.

The cost to install the cameras is not clear at this time.

The move toward the cameras and GPS devices started after a crash where a Memphis officer killed two people and seriously injured two others.

Memphis is one of the last departments in the area to install the system.

There has been an intense discussion on law enforcement installing dashcams and body cameras since the shooting of a man in Ferguson, Missouri.



    • Rude Druid

      Cop will need to explain why the cam was not on. Cop’s testimony should be doubted if he didn’t have camera on.

      We need to recognize that the police have become an enemy occupying army in our community. They don’t behave like peace officers anymore, and we should not trust them.

  • Rude Druid

    I thought they already had them. They need bodycams for cops, too. They will pay for themselves within a year in better police (and suspect) behavior and fewer lawsuits.

  • Tom Rondeau

    In light of the way general services has been run in the past and some officer’s shenanigans I think it’s WAY overdue.

  • Jerry

    Channel 5 did a story on this a couple days ago. The city has budgeted about $400,000 to install these cameras. However, it is going to cost over $18 million to outfit all squad cars. I agree we need cameras to protect officers but I don’t believe every car will have a camera.

    • Thomas H. Evans

      You can’t possibly be correct with your $18 million dollars. Memphis doesn’t have that many vehicles unless somebody has come up with scheme to rip us off for more money. If they use some of the money they are using to put in Bike Lanes and Bike Lanes across the river; plus now they want a bridge across Shelby Farms for bikes. I can’t believe we don’t already have GPS and Dash Camera’s in our police vehicles, crazy!

      • Jerry

        I think Channel 5 said that the police department has around 1900 vehicles. I’m not sure that is accurate. I think it’s around 900. But yes, whoever gets the contract with overcharge the city and be associated with someone in government

  • Michael Lowry

    I can’t believe that with all the highly paid city employees, they can’t find anyone smart enough to decide which system is the best for Memphis. They are going to hire some private company that will have no interest in what is the best system!

  • Jonnie Lundgren

    This will be a great thing. Sure would have helped if Officer Beard had one to help show how the other driver turned in front of him therefore causing the ACCIDENT which resulted in the loss of two lives. Channel 3 once again twists the story in this posting. Par for their course.

  • Sharon Brunson

    I take issue with the wording “a Memphis police officer killed two people.” If his car had been equipped with a dash cam, I believe it would have shown that he was not the one at fault. This equipment will protect not only citizens but also officers.

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