Mother claims daughter suspended for defending herself against bullies

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A mother claims Whitehaven High School has not been doing enough to keep her daughters safe from bullies on the school bus.

Ashley Perry said Whitehaven expelled her older daughter for trying to keep one of the alleged bullies from touching her when the bus reached school Thursday.

“It’s going to take them harming my children for the school to do something about it,” Perry said.

Perry’s daughters are a junior and freshman at the school. The freshman has special needs and health problems.

Perry said a group of girls on the bus called them names, threatened to hurt them, and hit them with their backpacks.

Perry got in touch with the school’s principal, who had the girls file a written complaint.

She said an administrator talked to one of the alleged bullies, but then an Instagram message appeared online, reportedly calling Perry’s daughter stupid and including emojis of guns.

Perry kept her freshman daughter home from school Thursday because of the post, which she sent to the principal.

Perry said her older daughter was sitting in the front of the bus like the school told her to Thursday. She said the girls began taunting her daughter from the back of the bus.

When the bus arrived at school, she said one of the girls prepared to fight her daughter, but her daughter told the girl not to put her hands on her.

Perry said things escalated, and the school suspended her daughter for ten days.

Shelby County Schools released a statement that said, “This situation is currently under investigation. Shelby County Schools takes all incidents such as this very seriously, as it’s our goal to provide a safe educational environment got all of our students.”

Perry said she’s planning to have her younger daughter moved to a special needs bus, and is trying to fight her older daughter’s suspension.

“Being the bis sister, she’s going to stand up for her sister,” Perry said.


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