Memphis Police Department recruiting new officers as benefits battle continues

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Memphis Police Department is looking for a few good officers, just as current officers are fighting for their pension and health care.

"I hope that they can get them. I really do," Memphis Police Union President Mike Williams said.

He also said he hopes applications flood in, but worries about their qualities.

"You are gonna get applicants for this job, no doubt about it, no doubt about it, but are they gonna cut the mustard?" Williams said.

The City of Memphis must still decide if new city workers will be moved from a pension plan to a 401k-type plan and if there will be an increase in healthcare premiums.

"So there are still issues they are gonna come at us with, so why would I want to come into a situation like that knowing that this city is in turmoil when it comes to city employees, especially first responders?" Williams asked.

Memphis City Council Member Harold Collins says those are valid issues the city hopes to have solved soon.

"When you compare our city and what we have to offer to other cities, I think Memphis is still a great place to come and choose to raise your family and work in your profession and your career," Collins said.

The union says some current MPD officers have already bolted, with six resigning this week.

Recent events show whom you hire is important.

"We see a lot of things going on like in Ferguson and St. Louis and different places like that. We want individuals who have the ability to respond and who know when to and when not to," Williams said.

Applications for the Memphis Police Department are being accepted until September 19th.

At the same time, the police union says recruiters from other cities are headed to Memphis to recruit MPD officers for their job openings.


  • scooby do

    Memphis will not be able to hire any one of quality. Everyone has seen what the departments who are coming here to recruit our officers are offering. Memphis is not competitive at all. A mass exodus of police officers has begun. Soon the resigning will begin in earnest when the departments who have been recruiting here extend their offers. They will take all the best officers. Memphians had better wake up in a hurry and vote in some new leadership. A bad situation created by dishonest men who did not do their duty in their positions of trust and responsibility. Now everyone left in Memphis will pay for their misdeeds.

  • John

    It is NOT a 401(k) style plan, it is a 401(a). This plan is a savings account with NO social security, no line of duty death benefit, no disability benefit. Please tell the public the truth not the regular wreg spin.

  • Council Clowns

    Keep telling yourself that Collins. This place is a despicable disgraced place to live and raise a family. It’s a National embarrassment with some of the most stupid and ignorant Sheeple in the entire US that continue to vote you clowns back in office to purport to run this place. Memphis, TN is a disgrace.

    Oh that’s right, “Crime is down” isn’t it LOL? I’m sure the sheeple in this crime ridden metropolis believe it because they are sure dumb enough to keep voting you clowns back in office who use taxpayer funds to support your pet projects that some get kickbacks off.

  • Rude Druid

    I hope they get some applicants who don’t have a criminal history, and have at least the minimum IQ of 84.5,

    Oh, and a pulse. And not rejects from the Vice Lords.

    • Gonebabygone

      They tried that but had to lower hiring standard to keep the ever precious racial quotas. MPD has turned away more qualified applicants than most companies ever hire, solely because they weren’t the correct color at the time. There are others who were the preferred race who required waivers and exceptions to the MINIMUM standards just to fill out an academy class with the appropriate colors of recruits. This is one reason of many that Memphis won’t move ahead. Besides benefit cuts, this sort of biased hiring runs off those of the less-desired races who happen to have all other qualifications met without waivers and excuses.

      Texas departments don’t give waivers and aren’t hung up on skin color. At least those qualified applicants who have been dumped due to color will find success elsewhere.

  • JayHall

    I’m glad that he noted that they are looking for people who know when to act and when not to. That tells me they they are trying to bring some positive change to the department. That’s good new.

  • Jerry

    I would like to encourage all applicants to do their research before applying to be a police officer. Here are some quick facts about MPD.
    1. This is one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. and the administration will not back you even when you are 100% right. It is about public relations and this is the most racist city I have ever lived in. The mayor does not support the police due to being a public defender and representing a person involved in Shannon Street (Officer beaten and killed over 2 days). We have a City Council who believes police should be like the private sector, and news media who care more about where officers park their cars than real news.
    2. Officers have NOT had a raise in almost 7 years. In fact, officers took a 4.6% paycut for 2 years after the city signed an agreement not to cut pay. They did this due to their gross mismanagement of city funds. They would rather spend money on a boat ramp, baseball stadium, or building that is not worth saving.
    3. Healthcare premiums have increased every year for the past several years. This is expected but this year premiums are going up 24% because the City did not pay their share into the pension. Officers that worked 25 to 30 years are being kicked off the city insurance and will have to pay over $1200 month which is almost their entire monthly pension check.
    4.If the pension is changed to a 401A, that’s right not 401K, the City is not required to contribute. The City had neglected their duty with the pension, what makes you think they will meet that obligation. This plan also makes it where you do not qualify for Social Security.

    • George Brown

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