Another political cover-up in Southaven?

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Southaven’s director of parks and recreation was first found guilty of groping a woman last year, but the city didn’t decide to fire him until Thursday night. Now Southaven residents want to know why the mayor is staying so quiet about it.

David Stewart is frustrated with Mayor Darren Musselwhite.

“It’s the good old boy system. It’s been here forever, and in my opinion it still goes on,” he said.

The now-mayor ran on a campaign of transparency. He said the Davis administration covered things up, something Steward says Musselwhite is now doing himself.

“Y’all have to bring it to their attention and get them to do something. It’s not going to get done, unless there is public outcry,” he said.

Thursday night, Musselwhite told WREG he couldn’t talk about the city’s decision to fire Michael Mullins, even though the city attorney said he actually could.

Rick Skelton calls it more proof corruption is everywhere in the political system.

“It’s government. They do what they want to. They don’t care what we think,” he said.

Mullins was convicted for groping a woman last year, but he wasn’t fired until WREG uncovered the story earlier this month.

Sources told WREG the city only made him go through sensitivity training after the conviction.

We reached out to several city employees who wouldn’t comment on Mullins being fired. They are all too afraid of backlash from Musselwhite.

Skelton said, “There should be no such thing as a closed door meeting. Anything a government decides affects the people of the community.”

A community still complaining about cover-ups, even with a mayor who promised to end them.


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