Memphis NAACP disappointed by leadership in Ferguson

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Thursday, the NAACP kicked off its Moral Week of Action in Memphis. The police shooting in Ferguson is taking center stage, along with other issues like education, labor and workforce fairness.

Pastor Keith Norman, president of the Memphis NAACP chapter, said they're not organizing marches for Ferguson yet because they don't want to see a copycat movement of what's happening up there come to the streets of Memphis. But he says they are on the case and paying close attention to the conversation.

Ferguson Missouri is 300 miles away from Memphis, but Norman said Thursday it's really only a few miles down the road. And what's happening in this city should not be ignored. This week of Morality is meant to bring the issues the African-American community is facing to light, and continue the conversation about fairness and equality in our society.

He says the underprivileged communities across our city and the country need a voice, and they 're here to make sure those voices are not ignored.

Norman says the attention in Ferguson needs to turn from the protestors to the boy who was shot and killed, and said Thursday he was disappointed by the way state officials are handling the problem.

"It took the leadership far too long to step up and say something has gone wrong. Not to take blame for the situation, or admit any guilt. But obviously when a young man that does not have a gun at all is killed and left lying in the street, something has gone wrong," said Norman.

This Sunday, the moral movement will meet at the First Baptist Church for a mass meeting, and they welcome the community to join them for the conversation.



    I understand the dissapointment but the people of Ferguson probably don’t care.

    If you want to make an impact, force the current city of Memphis officials to lead and set examples instead of spending what they don’t have and furthering their own agendas instead of what’s good for everyone.

    Then maybe the mess will stop here. Set the example here and let the rest of the nation follow Memphis.

    Yeah right……….. like that could happen

    • Thomas H. Evans

      WOW, there you go, one comment on here that makes absolute sense. Great idea, why don’t the leaders of Memphis try and do something that will be an example for others across America, and I am not talking about midnight basketball! Instead of preparing to take some kind of action in MO., why not take action here where we have Blacks killing Blacks on a daily basis, but we are not out raged about it, but a white cop shoots a boy in MO. and we want to prepare to take some kind of action. I like Reverend Norman, so I suggest you concentrate on Memphis first. (THE)

      • Evelanmeyers

        Someone call these idiots and explain the real situation to them, so they don’t continue making us look like ignorant buffoons.

      • Evelanmeyers

        Someone call these people and explain the real situation to them, so they don’t continue making us look like ignorant buffoons.

  • TK

    Tired of hearing the “unarmed kid” line. What if the “unarmed kid” was using his 300 lb. body to beat the bejeezuz out of a cop? Would that make a difference in your opinion? To assume that because the guy didn’t have a gun means deadly force couldn’t have been necessary shows either stupidity, disingenuousness, or shallow thinking. Hopefully these “thinkers” will never serve on a jury.

  • MediaCowards

    The media in this nation is absolutely sickening. Anyone heard about the black Salt Lake City cop that shot an UNARMED white kid a week ago. The kid went to pull his pants up and the cop shot him like he was a mad dog. You mean you haven’t heard about it? Do you wonder WHY you haven’t heard about it? Where is Holder, Obama, and Sharpton? Where is the story on this website about Salt Lake City. Not going to be reported because it doesn’t fit their agenda. The media in this nation will cover anything black to show they are not racist even if it is reporting lies. And lies are all we have gotten about Ferguson. Now the truth is coming out with the white cop being 5′ 6″ tall, his eye socket is fractured, the witnesses who said he was shot in the back are now proven liars and all of a sudden the media is dropping this story like a hot potato. The media in this nation is nothing but white cowards ashamed of their race.

    • FacePalm

      Media cowards, the issue with the SLC officer is still under investigation and that officer was wearing a body cam. From what I gathered, SLC police responded to a call where there was a man with a gun. The unarmed individual did not follow police commands and was placing his hands near his waste, the people who were with the subject followed police commands and they managed to survive. The subject also had a criminal history, he was convicted of armed robbery and was on parole, he violated his parole and was wanted. (I don’t think the officers knew that at the time of the shooting) The only side of the story I’ve heard was from a family member and he too has a criminal past. So hopefully the body cam will back up the officer’s story. But I get your point, the media has to make everything as juicy and controversial as possible for ratings. Knowing that it will cause chaos, ruin careers, lives and divide the nation even more.

  • John T. Dwyer

    In 1968 the Kerner Commission stated:
    “The report’s most famous passage warned, “Our nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white—separate and unequal.”

    Its results suggested that one main cause of urban violence was white racism and suggested that white America bore much of the responsibility for black rioting and rebellion. It called to create new jobs, construct new housing, and put a stop to de facto segregation in order to wipe out the destructive ghetto environment. In order to do so, the report recommended for government programs to provide needed services, to hire more diverse and sensitive police forces and, most notably, to invest billions in housing programs aimed at breaking up residential segregation.”

    Here we are in 2014 and a few things have changed but not many. Ferguson is a prime example of what Mr. Norman asks, “What went wrong?”
    I would add that media plays a large part in this by sensationalizing the grotesque and graphic images of youth throwing rocks and bottles, and fired tear gas projectiles back at the police.

  • 1midtownmike

    I guess the rioters and thugs causing mayhem and violence in the streets of Ferguson aren’t really the aforementioned……they’re just “disappointed” so that justifies everything. The negro community is the biggest threat to itself. Way to go NAACP……your double standard stands heads and shoulders above all racists with a poor me attitude.

  • Hooligan

    over one hundred million people in this country on unemployment, black unemployment at 20 percent, black male unemployment at an even higher rate….oba’mao’ and holder using these situations to fool the idiots that follow them because they are too stupid to realize oba’mao’ and the naacp are the worst things that ever happened to blacks in this country….

    • EvelanMeyers

      Actually, the unemployment rate is higher for people with degrees and formerly in middle-class fields. It’s 32% for Caucasian male and females, but they don’t count in your eyes because they are not African-American, right? I was a SCC teacher for 20-years and I am African-American, I had children of all races and I loved them all. People are people. I am sick and tired of all racism in this city. It has destroyed it! What makes me cry at night is all the black on black crime and the fact that African-Americans are the bulk of the racist here! They should know better! They know what racism leads to…nothing! I am ashamed at all of them.

    • Anonymous

      Would someone please pray for the millions of children that god allows to die from starvation, disease and terrible suffering every year? Let your god know we don’t want him to keep letting them die. Apparently, he can’t figure this out on his own.

      No one hears your prayers. At least it seems, no one who cares.

  • Scott

    Hooligan how do you know what’s best for blacks; as if we don’t know there are significant challenges in our own diverse culture. Memphis is a very racially charged city with the bad mostly rearing its head on blogs like these. Get over it we as ‘black people’ are here to stay not to criminalize the society but for most of us just to meek out an existence.

  • Don

    Memphis NAACP disappointed by leadership in Ferguson
    Well, I think the Memphis NAACP needs to march from Memphis to Ferguson and when they get there maybe someone there will clue them in about what really happened.
    The Thug pushed the officer into the cruiser and attempted to get his gun. The officer feared for his life.

  • Terrie

    I agree on some labels that the blacks have it harder than the whites but, that doesn’t make it ok for them to break the law or not follow the laws. What I’m hearing from the media is that young black males are being targeted by, well mostly everyone, even blacks and including police. They are acting like we all go out, point our fingers at them and scream. Not true. The reason, to me is the statistics show in black & white ink that the majority of crimes are committed by these black males. It’s almost like those very words if spoken would burn their mouths. So instead the black leaders turn their backs on them by blaming everything else around. Why don’t they turn all this attention on helping these boys instead of dissing them and accusing the whites as being the devil? Are these leaders ashamed of these young blacks? Would money be cut off if they did help?

  • Paul Fischer

    Thank you Memphis naacp for calling an 18 year old black man a “boy” when he was beating up a cop who was doing his job. So are you going to raise money for Officer Darren Wilson or is he not entitled this basic amount of respect after being attacked by a member of the community that you only support?

  • Jon

    These groups love racial tension and do more to keep it going then anyone or anything else. They are powerless if they can not keep the ignorant on edge. If you really want to eliminate racism then it must be removed from government and any group described by race…Black Coach’s Association, Black Pastors Group or Black Panthers. Now how long would a White anything group be allowed to function? Eliminate it all is the first step.

  • M

    Keith Norman is the most racist man I have ever seen. He needs to do us all a favor and shut his big black mouth

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