Memphis NAACP disappointed by leadership in Ferguson

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thursday, the NAACP kicked off its Moral Week of Action in Memphis. The police shooting in Ferguson is taking center stage, along with other issues like education, labor and workforce fairness.

Pastor Keith Norman, president of the Memphis NAACP chapter, said they’re not organizing marches for Ferguson yet because they don’t want to see a copycat movement of what’s happening up there come to the streets of Memphis. But he says they are on the case and paying close attention to the conversation.

Ferguson Missouri is 300 miles away from Memphis, but Norman said Thursday it’s really only a few miles down the road. And what’s happening in this city should not be ignored. This week of Morality is meant to bring the issues the African-American community is facing to light, and continue the conversation about fairness and equality in our society.

He says the underprivileged communities across our city and the country need a voice, and they ‘re here to make sure those voices are not ignored.

Norman says the attention in Ferguson needs to turn from the protestors to the boy who was shot and killed, and said Thursday he was disappointed by the way state officials are handling the problem.

“It took the leadership far too long to step up and say something has gone wrong. Not to take blame for the situation, or admit any guilt. But obviously when a young man that does not have a gun at all is killed and left lying in the street, something has gone wrong,” said Norman.

This Sunday, the moral movement will meet at the First Baptist Church for a mass meeting, and they welcome the community to join them for the conversation.


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