Man with disability needs help finding his service dog

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MARION, Ark. -- A Colorado man with a disability needs your help finding his service dog last spotted in Marion, Ark.

"I have basically scoured the whole highway," said the dog's owner, Mark Urich. "Just walking and calling him."

Urich got into Marion Thursday.

It's where his service dog, Jackson, ran away late Tuesday night.

His brother, Cody Gay, was taking the dog across the country for him when he got into a head-on collision on Highway 64 and 118.

"I thought the car was on fire, so I immediately opened the door, and he took off running down north airport road," said Gay.

The dog was so traumatized, he took off and hasn't been seen since.

"He is just by himself. He was in a car accident, so he's probably scared," said Urich.

What's even more terrifying is Urich doesn't know if his dog got hurt in the wreck, if he's surviving the heat, or where and how far he ran.

Thursday, he canvased neighborhoods, corn fields and passed out flyers. He made every attempt to find his dog.

Urich got Jackson two years ago to help him ski.

Jackson takes him up and down mountains, and even run to get his coach if something bad happens.

"I was born with a condition where my femur on my right side was under developed, and it resulted in an amputation," he said.

Their relationship worked so well, Urich may get to go to the next Winter Paralympics for speed skiing.

"He enables you to perform activities in life," said Urich. "But he is more than that. He is my Jackson. He is my best friend."

Jackson is a pitbull and beagle mix.

He is tan with white spots, and was wearing a green collar with tags.

Urich said he is very shy and generally won't let people approach, but he is very gentle and has never shown aggression towards people or animals.

If you have any information, call WREG at (901) 543-2111 or the West Memphis Animal Shelter at (870) 732-7599.


  • Susan Taylor (under Doris Jean Weigand on FaceBook

    After loosing my dog to chasing a deer and never returned, I did some research and they say to leave items of clothing, dog beds or blankets, etc. anything with the owner or dogs sent on them at the place where the dog went lost. He/she may come back and lay on those items hoping for their owner or persons to come find him. Please try as I know how heartbreaking this is.


        Just wanted to make sure the owner places items of clothing, bedding, even Jackson’s favorite toys, treats and food in the last known location. I lost my dog so I know how heartbreaking it can be. You never know if they are ok. No closure.

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