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It’s time to reinvest in the city we love

MEMPHIS, Tenn. --  If you think there aren't people making a positive impact on Memphis, a new book will change your mind.

And it may even change you.

Giving back with purpose encourages us all to reinvest in the city we love.

Author Jeremy Park wants you to join the movement!

Jeremy Park

  • Book Signing
  • Tonight     6:30 p.m.
  • The Booksellers at Laurelwood
  • 387 Perkins Ext.

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  • browning

    invest in what, more failed city govt programs, failed school system, invest in mo debt or is it a lame attempt to trying talking people to pay more for less, ineffective city officials who dont know how to manage & their only answer is ….just raise the tax rate more than it already is & see how many more can be run off. da vine aint supporting this non-sense nor should it. time to act like grown ups & be responsible. everyone laughs at the doofus mayor who can not make a decision, always has to default to another consultant group so he does not have to make a decision….but thats what you elected & you got what you asked for……another empty suit with a lot of capped teeth & more biz moving out. when in a hole that is getting deeper you quit digg’n…..oh well, this area will soon be known as West Memphis on both sides the river or Olive Branphis


    Invest in Memphis? You have lost your freaking mind. It already has both feet in the crapper, flush it and be done already.

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