Swivel Sweeper Max promises effective lightweight, cordless cleaning

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Can you finally go cordless when cleaning the house? The Swivel Sweeper Max claims to be a powerful sweeper that swivels 360, sports a rechargeable battery, and cleans any floor! But Does It Work?

Carly Knight is very strategic when it comes to keeping her floors clean.

"Squeeze in a sweep in the morning and again when I get home. Then on the weekends, a deep clean," she said.

Why all the coordinated effort?

"We have two animals. A dog and a cat, and hardwood floors, so hair seems to be floating everywhere," she said.

Mia and George are adorable, but they shed like crazy!

Carly hopes the Swivel Sweeper Max will suck up hair with little effort, and hopes it's as light as it claims.

"We have stairs, so going up and down stairs with something lightweight would be awesome!" she said.

The Swivel Sweeper Max comes with a pole that arrives in sections, a rechargeable battery, battery charger and a cordless swivel sweeper.

Since the instructions called for charging the battery six to eight hours, we charged the battery for eight hours the night before.

It's a bit loud, but can it clean up a mess? We started off with a handful of Cheerios on Carly's hardwood floors and area rug. We even stomped on them for good measure.

"I'd say it did a pretty good job," Carly said.

Next we were off to the hallway.

"Lots of dog hair against the baseboard. Let's see if this thing can get that hair," Carly said.

The Swivel Sweeper Max sucked it right up, even in the tight corners! It was light enough for Carly to use on the stairs to eliminate cat hair and cat food on the carpet in the upstairs bedroom!

As for dumping the dirt from the debris tray?

"One touch and it was done!" Carly said.

All she had to do was pinch the two tabs on top of the sweeper and it released the door to the dirt tray. It was simple to pop out the bristles to clean any tangled hair, too.

"It sucked up everything we threw at it!" Carly said.

Swivel Sweeper Max, you passed the Does It Work test!

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