Police: Safest part of the city seeing increased crime

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are investigating a string of crimes in the safest part of the city.

Lots of people come to Mud Island to take advantage of the walking trails, and their cars fill the parking lots. The problem is, a lot of them are staying into the night, and people who live on the island think they are behind a lot of the recent crime on in the area.

Jeff Farmer told police and city officials, “It’s time to stop the problem. Stop the talking, and take some action.”

Farmer says he sees the problems on Island Drive from his front porch and wants to see more police doing something about it.

“They are giving gang signs and drag racing. Running other cars off the road,” he said.

Homeowners’ association representatives from across the island reported a string of break ins over the weekend, and issues with drag racing late at night.

“I will lay a working mans bet that if you go down there and check the 40 or 50 cars sitting in the parking lot, there’s something that’s not supposed to be in that car,” Farmer said.

Parks and Rec officials plan to install automatic gates in some of the parking lots, but wouldn’t say exactly when or where. It’s similar to what they did to stop cruising in Tom Lee Park.

But that won’t solve everything.

City Councilman Lee Harris also lives on the Island.

He told WREG, “It’s not about us versus them. I don’t do us versus them. Every neighborhood deserves a police response.”

Harris admits crime may not be a huge issue on Mud Island, but thinks something should be done before it is.

“We’ve seen it happen in other neighborhoods. It happens in the blink of an eye. If you don’t pay attention to the quality of life issues that neighborhood can degrade really fast,” he said.

Also during the meeting Wednesday, they discussed lowering the speed limit and doing more seat belt checks on the island. Officials suspect an increased police presence will keep the troublemakers off the island.


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