Memphis residents plan action after Michael Brown shooting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.  --  Dozens of people met Wednesday night to discuss police violence, in Memphis and overall.

They say problems with police are boiling over, and the shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri has caused people to talk about an issue they say has been going on for years.

"We don't have to see it on TV. It's what we live, more often than not and it's not being made up," said a woman from North Memphis.

The group from Memphis United was very diverse: an African-American woman from North Memphis who said police profiled her that morning, a Latino Germantown High School student who said he wanted to get students motivated, and a man who called himself "a privileged white guy."

They are all worried about police relations around the country, and said communities need to stand up and tell officers what's acceptable and what's not.

"I've watched YouTube video after YouTube video of white police and black police killing innocent people. It's not just coming to your community, it's coming to the white community," said one man.

The participants say Memphis needs to tackle issues head on with police, come to an understanding, and do something to end violence on both sides of the law.

Memphis police officers didn't comment on the remarks, but an individual officers told us he didn't "want to hear it."


  • Night Shade

    Why is it that they feel the need to represent Michael Brown who lived in a whole nother state without mentioning anything about the murder of Steven Askew by two white police officers? All Steven did was fall asleep in his car. Those two officers should be held accountable for murdering too.

  • really

    You know the one who didn’t want to hear it is probabbably the one who is just as more corrupt as the others. I did not say all are bad! But i have ran across corrupt mpd that have been abusive and offensive to me when i was a victim in the first place. You make a complaint go to court and what they get thier job back with official oppression and their cases dropped down to lower sentances. And what happens to the victim were victims once again to our justice system and its corruption all over again with no way to find a solution because they are the ones we have to complain to in the first place. I KNOW I AM A LIVING TESTAMONY TO THIS AND CAN PROVE IT AND ALL OCCRANCES THAT HAVE HAPPENED TO ME.
    But you know what nobody listens or cares anyway thats why we are where we are today. Im ashamed to say i live here in this three ring barlumn bailey cirrcus. Politicians need to get it together then mabey they can work on the city of memphis. Really I motion to get a new political crew who cares about us not what money they can get out of it. Remember we make money and i cant make us but it can break us.

  • Bob

    Any excuse to shake down civilization for more free stuff. These people are nothing more than scavengers and enemies of the state and should always be treated as such.

  • 1midtownmike

    The biggest threat to the negro community is itself. Coloreds are locked in a time warp where every day is April 4, 1968 and slavery was just abolished 149 seconds ago instead of 149 years ago. Sad but true.

  • Freedomwasawesome

    12 million arrest
    34 thousand per day
    400 fatal shootings out of 12 million arrest.
    That comes out to about
    99.9% of arrest in the US do not involve fatal shooting.

    91% of black murders are committed by blacks


    • Freedomwasawesome

      MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Five people were shot in Frayser Wednesday evening.

      The shooting happened at about 7:30 p.m. in the 1400 block of Briercrest.

      One man was taken to Regional Medical Center in critical condition. Another man was taken to Methodist North Hospital in non-critical condition.

      A third victim is also in critical condition, and two others are in non-critical condition.

      No arrests have been made.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    So what did this same group come up with to get a grip on what is the real problem in Memphis and across the country, Black on Black Killings? Why do we continue to sweep these situations under the carpet, and instead pretend that all problems for black people are the fault of the police. I will tell you that with any person in a position of authority there will be people who will abuse that position, even sales people in our stores; this is due to a lack of proper training and a lack of follow up by management to ensure that their employees are doing what they are trained to do. The same applies to the police department; you must inspect what you expect from your employees otherwise things can and will get out of control. Believe me, our police in Memphis haven’t given us much to go on when it comes to trust, especially every time I look around there is a police officer brought up on charges for everything from selling drugs, prostitution, domestic violence, etc. It’s like a do as I say attitude, but it doesn’t apply to me because I have badge and gun, NOT! Why aren’t these groups out raged about the black on black crimes, just curious. (THE)

    • You Know Who

      The race pimps don’t care because there is no money in it. There is no municipality or union to extort money from.

      The reason why whites don’t care is because as long as you are killing each other its YOUR problem. When you bring it into our community we will defend ourselves.

  • Bill Geyer

    5 people were shot in Frayser last night. Why don’t you discuss why citizens are shooting each other? They are doing way more harm than any police officer ever will.

  • Sally

    It is very scary to read all these comments by people who are probably at work smiling in the faces of their black and white co-workers yet posting this amazing racism all day long. Every race commits crime every single day all over the world yet black and white people continue to bash each other as if one commits more than the other, as if it even matters. I am sick of anyone who thinks it’s okay to break the law, commit crimes and put innocent lives in danger; ie at the movies or a college campus where mass murder took place. If we honestly put more effort in our family and communities we wouldn’t have to sit on the computer all day posting hate.

  • Rude Druid

    Mandatory copcams, melt down their military hardware, install a CIVILIAN director of police, and retrain cops to behave like Peace Officers and not an enemy occupying army. Oh, and test cops for PTSD. Way too many coming back from the Middle East and putting on police uniforms. A lot of those guys are TIME BOMBS.

  • Christine

    Black man killed in Walmart after picking up water pistol in the toy section. Doesn’t Walmart sell guns.

  • ALittleCommonSense

    And when all of the investigations are over and the evidence PROVES it to be a good shoot and it is proven that the officer was defending himself, will the same passionate people, looking for justice, say “good job officer” and demand that the accomplice be arrested? I highly doubt it. Just a bunch of angry folks just looking for something to be angry about and when a brother lies about facts, it just fulfills their need to complain and loot. Sad !!!

    • snowchimpwhitestink

      The word says Satan is the author of confusion and clearly whites and boot licking negros are his children there was no robbery and you whites know it because the store owners have verfid they nevet called the police the officer was never attacked or injured because the autopsy proves no sign of struggle on the young mans body but u till insist on this bull. THAT cop saw a negro walking insulted him the negro insultes him back cop pumps six ahots even ray charles can see that i dare any of you cowards to speak your filth face to face with a blk man
      Only loot white areas dont tear up your own assume every white is armed and handle the situation accordingly

  • Tack

    When will ignorant people learn that you cannot attack someone and expect to be retaliated against in a less severe manor in which you are attacking? Trevon Martin and Michael Brown found out you cannot expect this and yet everyone in the ignorance community rushes to their defense about what “good kids they were”. These ignorant people better straighten up SOON. They are wearing out the intelligent populations patience quickly!

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