Memphis residents plan action after Michael Brown shooting

MEMPHIS, Tenn.  —  Dozens of people met Wednesday night to discuss police violence, in Memphis and overall.

They say problems with police are boiling over, and the shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri has caused people to talk about an issue they say has been going on for years.

“We don’t have to see it on TV. It’s what we live, more often than not and it’s not being made up,” said a woman from North Memphis.

The group from Memphis United was very diverse: an African-American woman from North Memphis who said police profiled her that morning, a Latino Germantown High School student who said he wanted to get students motivated, and a man who called himself “a privileged white guy.”

They are all worried about police relations around the country, and said communities need to stand up and tell officers what’s acceptable and what’s not.

“I’ve watched YouTube video after YouTube video of white police and black police killing innocent people. It’s not just coming to your community, it’s coming to the white community,” said one man.

The participants say Memphis needs to tackle issues head on with police, come to an understanding, and do something to end violence on both sides of the law.

Memphis police officers didn’t comment on the remarks, but an individual officers told us he didn’t “want to hear it.”


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