Grand Jury to hear Missouri teen shooting case today

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CLAYTON, Mo. — A Grand Jury meeting today will consider if charges should be filed against Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson.

Protesters are surrounding the Justice Center for the second day in a row.

Wilson shot  and killed Michael Brown.

Some, including a state senator want St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch to recuse himself from the case but he has refused.

Governor Jay Nixon said he won’t make McCullough step aside in the case

KTVI-TV reports it could take several weeks for the grand jury to make a decision on the case.

Attorney General Eric Holder will be in St. Louis today.


  • Elwood Suggins

    I feel sorry for this police officer because he is on a political railroad. It normally takes months of investigation before a case is presented to a grand jury. The pols are scared to death of the Black Panthers and Al Sharpton and the violence that the city has never scene if they don’t railroad this thru


    yep he is being thrown under the bus to try to prevent more rioting in the name of diversity/appeasement.CIVIL RIGHTS? WHEN THEY CAN ACT CIVIL THEN THEY DESERVE SOME RIGHTS!

  • Elwood Suggins

    Another good question is why has Holder gone to Ferguson? If this has gone to the grand jury the investigation is complete and they are giving All the evidence to the G.J.

  • Terrie

    Im surprised whites havent raised all kinds of noise at the discrimination of this case by all of it being processed so fast!!!? Due Process, which many have signs stating, is NOT being done here. Which that means if they screw up any evidence it could be a mistrial, if it goes that far.

  • IwishUwould

    It has been stated by the store owner’s attorney neither him or his employee reported anything to the police. It was a customer who called police and they got a warrant for the video on the same Friday it was release in an attemp to spear Brown’s name. Now to all of you white racist rats, can you explain how a 6’4 man get a fatal shot to the top of his head. I’ll wait, I’m sure you will come with some racist remark’s while you rats hide behind your computer screen. Wrong is wrong no matter what color your skin.

    • Elwood Suggins

      I’m not taking sides for anyone. There has not been enough information released for ANYONE to make an informed decision. Everyone is entitled to due process. If it is proven that the officer is wrong he should recieve the penalty for the crime. Do you agree? If he is not guilty are you willing to accept that.

  • Carl

    A thug gets shot by a police officer. If the thug had been a white man, it would not have been a story. Stir it up Al, Jessie and Holder..stir it up. When the police officer is found innocent, the rioting will continue.
    The war on police continues.

    • snowchimpwhitestink

      Carl you still call this young man a thug but by the store owners own admussion he didnt repport a crime. There is no war on the police who are becoming a quasi paramilitary force and that should be a major concern for everybody but being wicked by nature u snow chimps dont get it

  • IwishUwould

    Lol @ Terrie. What crime the store owners attorney stated the owner never reported a crime.. @ Elwood I would accept the truth. . We all must stop with the race baiting black/white… No one can explain how a guy that’s 6’4 get a fatal shot in the top of his head. Surely we are all not blind as to how..

  • impulse item

    I don’t care how or why. I know that the world is a better place now the “gentle” Mike is in hell.

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