Lewisburg loses fight over new subdivision

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LEWISBURG, Miss. -- Right now, Lewisburg, Miss., is known more for it’s cows than it’s traffic, but that’s due to change. The area is booming, and people living here aren’t thrilled about it.

”There are a lot of unhappy people in the Lewisburg community, today,” said resident Tim Curtis.

That’s because DeSoto superviors approved rezoning 15 acres on Vaiden Road to accommodate a new subdivision, which represents a big change from the large homes on multiple acre lots that dominate for now.

”The issue is, these are gonna be less than half acre lots, the houses are going to be extremely jammed together,” Curtis said.

But with two new schools here and I-269 about to come through, the land in and around Lewisburg has gone from quiet and rural to red-hot.

The property assessor’s office couldn’t tell how much property values have increased here, but a spokesman did say homes near Lewisburg schools are among the most valuable in DeSoto County, selling for upwards of $100 a square foot.

Supervisor Harvey Lee said he believes the pressure to grow here is just too great to stop.

”The problem we’re having is, where they want to start growing," he said. "Out there were they’re gonna grow, that’s the first off-ramp heading east into Memphis and to New York City.”

Lee says his toughest job is balancing the needs of residents with the demands of developers.

”It’s gonna grow, so people need to get ready for it. It’s coming," he said.

But people living here say be careful what you prepare for.

”In 20 years, we will probably be just like Memphis," Curtis said.

He added that DeSoto County doesn’t have to “moo-ve” that fast.


  • Victor

    Well this is what happens when you brag about being so better than Memphis you attract a whole lot of people taxes go up to sustain the development then you become Memphis enjoy. Might be a good idea to promote the city.

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