Germantown MLGW customers experience several power outages this year

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — Many Germantown MLGW customers are demanding answers as to why their power has gone out several times this year.

This comes after another power outage in Southeast Memphis early Tuesday morning affected about 14,000 people for three hours.

“You’re watching television with your two-and-a-half-year-old grandson and everything goes off. That’s a horrible feeling,” said MLGW customer Nancy Osteen.

Osteen said she has experienced three or four power outages this year.

Others in Germantown tell WREG they have experienced more than ten.

MLGW said Tuesday morning’s power outage was from an equipment failure at a substation.

However, spokesperson Gale Jones Carson said several other outages in Germantown could be because of tree limbs touching power lines.

The company said it has the right to trim tree limbs touching power lines.

“We are now working on some tree trimming out there in the area. We’ve identified some of the problems, and we’re working to ensure our customers more reliable service in that area,” Jones Carson said.


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