Eight-year-old shoots self in hand


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An 8-year-old boy shot himself in the hand Tuesday afternoon.

The boy was taken to Delta Medical Center in non-critical condition. He will at some point be transferred to Le Bonheur.

MPD says the child’s father was at the scene when officers arrived.

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  • Phil

    Trigger LOCKS…are cheap! A young child will be interested and curious about a firearm. It is up to the gun owner to secure his weapon, then…to TEACH the child about the weapon, and WHY it is never to be touched without permission and the supervision of the gun owner. (father) At age 8, my father was a Police Officer. He would purposely, leave his service weapon in the car, then ask me if I could get it for him. (yes, it was already unloaded) I would retrieve the weapon, still in it’s holster, and never even thought about removing it. He explained, years later, that he was “taking the mystery out of having a firearm.” He told me where it was always stored in our home, and WHY I should never show it to friends or relatives. At age 10, he bought me my first shotgun. Never had a problem.

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