Criminals stop a man’s fight against blight in Binghampton

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Criminals are stopping one man's fight against blight in Binghampton.

He was hoping if he fixed one home, there would be a domino effect.

"I had a vision. I saw potential in this property," said Deon Spight.

Some people told him it would never work, that he was crazy to invest in any home on Carpenter. Now, he's starting to agree.

Spight said when he first bought the home last year, things went great. He slowly fixed up the place.

In the last few months, however, thieves stripped the aluminum siding, yanked what was left of the copper wiring, and even stole the Azalea bushes lining the walkway.

If that's not enough, Spight said he picks up beer cans and drug paraphernalia in the yard daily.

"Anything that is not bolted down, they will come back and try to steal," he said.

Spight said he called police over and over again, and even filed three reports.

Memphis police told WREG they went to the home three times last week, but didn't mention if they are close to catching who did it.

"It is very wrong. It is disturbing," said Darrell Smoot, who lives across from the house.

He added MPD never asked him what he saw.

"I did see somebody come from the other side of the house, and throw something in the back of a truck," said Smoot. "A man and a woman."

Spight went to scrap metal yards asking them to keep an eye out.

He is told the thieves got $60 for the aluminum siding, but it will cost him several thousand to repair.

"How much money am I going to lose to have to put into it to really bring it back to life?" Spight asked.

Spight wanted to fight the blight on Carpenter, but now he's starting to think maybe his dreams are too big for Binghampton.


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