4 killed by naked gunman in Nashville Waffle House

Man who killed daughter in wheelchair and son is dead

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The man who Memphis Police said shot and killed two of his children later died at the Regional Medical Center.

The murders happened Friday night in the 400 block of Chinaberry.

Investigators say 42-year-old Abel Gomez killed his 5-year-old daughter Lupita, who was in a wheelchair and his 24-year-old son Gustavo.

An 11-year-old son was able to escape as did the man’s wife.

When police arrived, they found the children dead and Abel Gomez with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police were at the house on a domestic disturbance call involving a man and his wife when the shooting happened.

Able Gustavo opened fire on officers as they tried to get inside.


  • Rojo

    But of course the news isn’t going to tell us what SSRI this guy was taking that would cause him to commit a massacre. Let’s focus on the fact that his weapon went bang and not that he murdered and still would have murdered and committed suicide with or without a gun because of whatever SSRI he was taking.

    • George Brown

      We do not know if he was on medication. HIPPA privacy protects that until an autopsy or family member can confirm. He used a gun so it is reported, the same a knife or other weapon would be reported. We hope to find out more today.

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