Autopsy: Missouri teen not shot in back

Residents of Ferguson, MO protest the death of Michael Brown on Wednesday, August 13, 2014.

Residents of Ferguson, MO protest the death of Michael Brown on Wednesday, August 13, 2014.

FERGUSON, Missouri– An autopsy done by a national expert, and requested by the family of Michael Brown, found the 18-year-old was not shot in the back.

Despite several people saying Brown was running away with his hands up, Dr. Michael Baden found all six entry wounds were to the front of his body with two hitting his head according to The New York Times.

The front wounds contradict reports Brown was shot in the back while running.

The last two shots were likely the ones to Brown’s head and stopped him according to Baden.

The wound reportedly suggests Brown’s head was bent forward.

The autopsy could support a witness account heard on a video posted to YouTube.

At about 6:50 in the recording a person says Brown ran from the officer, then as the officer exited his vehicle with his gun, Brown turned and ran back at officer Darren Wilson.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has approved another autopsy on Brown’s body, the Justice Department said.

The autopsy will be conducted by a federal medical examiner.

After another night of violence and looting, the National Guard has been deployed to Ferguson.


  • takenobull

    I just put in a video of the officer’s side of the story and a video of the robbery before the shooting. Its awaiting approval from Channel 3. If you lucky they will allow the news.

  • Mary

    The issue wasn’t about getting shot in the BACK. It was being shot in the head from a distance and the fact he was unarmed! What a slanted story that entirely missed the point.

  • Laughingatyoupeople

    Honestly i am on no one side , I think this is utter ridiculous and sad how these people are acting . I mean How many people get killed by the police ? I mean people need to come to there senses , People need to let the Justice system do its work , People are INNOCENT until proven GUILTY in a court of Law . You will get your justice according to the Law , In another perspective how would people react if the person was white and the cop black ? or if he was some other race how many people who get up to protest this ? it is like the African American Race has a long long Grudge on us for something that our great great great great great great Grandparents did to them before we were even existed . It’s time to get over that this is a new age people its not out fault that happen im sorry it did but its not our choice . Basically its time to move on like the rest of the world .

    thats all i have to say

  • Dq

    Just proves we know right from wrong. If he would have just got out of the street as the officer requested. None if this would happen.

  • Hunter

    35 feet away ? Wow , that’s like 11 or 12 yards . Maybe that’s why the cops are trained to shoot all the way out to 25 yards. Ya know , just saying ……….

  • Henry

    The FBI will prove that you do not know what you are talking about. A thug is shot by the police, get over it and stop with the hate. My guess is that after the FBI proves the officer was defending himself against a giant man who was attacking him, the ignorant will “scream cover” up and the riots will continue. The lastast time I turned on the TV, it wasn’t the whites burning and looting in Ferguson, MO. Who are acting like Barbarians?

  • donaknowsitall

    Take your blinders off WHITESARE… You are a pot stirrer. You post your arrogance then sit back and watch others respond.
    Not all whites can be lumped together as haters just like all blacks can be lumped together as bad.
    There are ALWAYS two sides to evrey story. Let this one play out and see what the outcome is. It is not our place (white or black) to judge others.

  • whoyoukiddin

    I am white and this is the 1st time I have heard that his dash cam was not on. So how do you know all of this information? Us whites would prefer the truth unlike the blacks in Ferguson who are destroying their city and what is it going to get them? Not a thing. Blacks in Ferguson are posting pictures of a dead person in the street whom you can hear them saying during their videos that never saw what happened but they are the 1st ones to say he did nothing wrong. Pray tell how can you tell me Michael Brown was doing nothing wrong when you weren’t even there. Blacks are the biggest racists out there and all you want to do is blame whites. Grow up and take charge of your actions and quit standing up for thugs. Get yourself out of the situation you are in and better yourself. The only people holding black people back are black people.

  • langor1

    Your hypocrisy is boundless, it is you that has shown time and time again that you are blinded by your hatred for white people and your pen names are all vile and that of a bigot. By the way, it has been widely reported that the Ferguson police don’t have dash cams, but don’t let fact checking derail your asinine rants.

  • cryme2rivers

    I don’t care about the black man’s so called struggle. You are a failed race in every sense of the word. You know it and we do too. Bye!

  • TPA

    What struggle?? when was the last time your people have been chained to a boat? tied to a pole and whipped? made to work out in a cotton field until you dropped??yeah..not in over 200 years you and other race baiters have used this tired old CRUTCH for far too long. You have way more rights and leniency than any other race all because you scream racism. The only “struggle” is with your own people killing each other but that hardly makes it to the news,,and ya know why? because it happens everyday,,quit blaming and look in your own backyard.

  • Henry

    Alleged Robbery? The video clearly shows thug Mike roughing up a clerk and stealing cigars. The sheep are looting and destroying property. The sheep hang on Al and Jessie’s commands. The sheep jump to conclusions. The Sheep love to hate the police. The police love to protest…Everytime a black man is shot by a cop. Big Mike made a fatal decision when he attacked the police officer.

  • donaknowsitall

    Hey WHITESARE…there are black sheep too you know. Again, you are stirring the pot.
    Blacks follow the leader just like whites do.
    Obviously you are black and you hate whites. Doesn’t this make you a racist hater?
    Who are YOU to call whites sheep – when you are a glaringly a hater yourself.

  • The Truth Hurts

    It’s the white man’s fault that blacks drop out of high school at a 50 percent rate. It’s the white man’s fault that single moms have multiple kids by several dads. It’s the white man’s fault when young black men join gangs and then kill each other over ” turf”, It’s the white man’s fault that 80 percent of murders in Memphis are black on black. It’s the white man’s fault when blacks don’t register to vote and the black candidate loses the election to a white candidate, even though blacks are the majority in Shelby County. It’s the white man’s fault that most burglaries in Shelby County are committed by young black men.

  • Terrie

    The very fact that the cop did NOT know about the robbery is even more reason that it was justified. Now you’re contradicting yourself! Haha!

  • TPA

    Ha,,;look how your people are acting,,LIKE ANIMALS,,the white people did not create anything,,your people created their own hell by voting in these race p i m p s as their leaders and now the white people have to deal with the aftermath..but that part is never brought up…

  • Britt

    All people kill people of their own race as well as wives killing husbands, siblings killing siblings. Really, must both of you show how poor your mother raised you. She must be proud of you racist trolls.

  • TPA

    Jeez,,give it up..the police officer was not profiling like you always do here. he was doing his job..6 shots? um,,yeah,the thug was over 6foot and 300plus pounds,,those puny 9mm’s are weak anyway he should have emptied the clip in him…ha,,must be getting harder and harder to defend these animals. But then again you are one of those sheep lapdogs fooled by the race p i m p s you elected..

  • donaknowsitall

    Wow, you really have a chip on your shoulder WHTESARE. You need to consider counseling for your anger issues. How do you survive with all this hate festering inside you?

    This is all over HLN and CNN, in fact, I just got done listening the HLN and the guy that did the autopsy (spelling), he said that more than likely the arm shots were the first one inflicted and the head shots were the last. This guy doesn’t work for the government, he was hired by the family.

  • Terrie

    Dude, you’re contradicting yourself again. You always do when you get backed into a corner and proved wrong. Now run along and shoot a brother.

  • TPA

    HAHA,,and it all started when your own people went into the jungles and captured enemy tribes to be sent into slavery(YOUR OWN PEOPLE DID THIS),,so you can only blame your people for all of the screw ups you have accomplished because it started with you..

  • Cityisajoke

    Stupid Brit why not take your a– through a police academy and see if they teach you to shoot somewhere to just “injure” somebody. Gees high stupid is stupid does. All these know it all. ……

  • bobalu

    Charging at a police officer after you commit a crime is WRONG! Robbing a convenience store is WRONG. Lying to the police (all the “eye witnesses”) is WRONG! Momma in denial about her baby being a very bad boy is WRONG!

  • TPA

    Dang Lee,,you seem to be one of those low info voters,,the thug got what was coming to him,,,unarmed??6foot 4 300lbs??,,naw he was armed with size and when this thug went for the officer’s gun,,he was a statistic,,plain and simple,,quit blaming……

  • TPA

    First place,,if a white boy would have done what that black thug did,,the white community would have no problem at what the officer did you race baiter,,and the second is,,the white community doesn’t loot and steal from business’s you dumbazz,,they are too busy working…

  • TPA

    @Lee: yeah,,that autopsy is a lie,,man,,are you that fxcking stupid or just that much of a brain dead sheep(obama voter). That thug attacked that police officer like he Attacked that store clerk but unlike the store clerk the officer had a freakin’ gun and USED IT..!!!

  • TPA

    @Lee:,,cover up? haha how bout the cover up jessie beady eyed jackazz and al not so sharpton trying to incite race riots to further their careers as RACE P I M P S,,,you Lee are such the rookie,..

  • cryme2rivers

    Which PROVES evolution! Blacks have the same dna they had since the mud hut days, same old dna. What does that prove? Lets explore that. You know who is better, so do we. Bye!

  • Chino Rivera on Facebook

    GRINGO peeps just hide on line,so we hispanic blk peeps know whats really gud,and the white officer hiding prove who is really frighten,the killer is frighten ALLEGEDLY, all premise on he know what he did is wrong,and god is good and he will be indicted.
    in due course.and arrested, held accountable.
    adios cuidate 1

  • snowchimpwhitestink

    Gustavo tell them again. I tell them the brown,black and yellow ppl of the world are not fooled and low and behold the store said today they NEVER called the cops

  • errin

    Why is it when a black person,it’s called racism,but justice if it’s a white guy. I have to wonder if the cop was black, would there be such am uproar? I think not

  • snowchimpwhitestink

    Erin are you really this dumb? The guy was never a robbery suspect rhe store owners confirm they never called the cops so the police lied. If it was a good shoot why the lies and coverup ? You whites embrce evil

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