Is it time to re-think how much military gear we provide our local police?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphians honored Michael Brown this week after police killed the unarmed 18-year-old, stemming from an alleged robbery.

Regardless of how you feel about the case, the clashes that followed have brought to light how militarized police departments all over the country have become.

The Informed Sources wonder, is it time to re-think how much military gear we provide our local police?


  • Freedomwasawesome

    Answer No
    How quickly we forget why they have them in the first place. Anyone remember the bank robbers is LA? The police were basically helpless. Just plain out gunned. We only tend to remember these things when cops are killed. Then it’s “how did this happen?” ” why were they not. Appropriately armed?”

  • I Want Out of Memphrica

    Really? Honor Michael Brown, a thief along with a felon. There is really something wrong with this picture. The cops did us a favor by removing this piece of trash off the street.

    • takenobull

      MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphians honored Michael Brown this week after police killed the unarmed 18-year-old, stemming from an alleged robbery. hahahahhha a guy who pushes around a store clerk and steals. The Michael Brown types are why the same people honoring him have bars on their home windows, their lawn furniture chained to the front porch, and dogs chained in the back yard for trespassers :)

  • Lied too

    Hey Ashley Crockett and Richard Ransom do you watch your own newscast. Two murders yesterday and counting not to mention how many times MPD had to fight with some other nut job. The answer is yes we really do have to arm and protect our police, so they have a fighting chance at protecting you!

  • John

    Are you freakin serious Ch 3? Memphis is a war zone and you don’t think the police should be properly armored to protect themselves? What a crock of $h1t

  • sensible2

    The MPD probably needs to be armed more heavily. Gang membership should be punishable by incarceration at a minimum. TAKENOBULL is exactly right.

  • John

    A society that allows it’s citizens to own and use military grade equipment against the police and other citizens must have military grade equipment to protect others and themselves. Try and take it away.

  • BigBalue

    This is why I arm myself and my family with military style weapons. we are only one incident away from Ferguson, MO

  • Rude Druid

    Giving police military equipment only encourages the worst impulses of the many inappropriatepeople who go into police work. It only brings out the worst in them. It gives them the impulse to USE the military equipment against American civilians. That is so fundamentally WRONG.

    It is like handing out live hand grenades to delinquent pre-schoolers.

    We MUST de-militarize the police.

    • John

      Before we de-militarize the police we need to teach the animals to act like human beings. Once that can happen then there isn’t a need for militarized police.

      • Thomas H. Evans

        John, I completely agree with you! I think as long as we teach them the proper way to use the equipment and when, like against the gangs, but other wise, our police need to be able to protect themselves; after all they have families to go home to after work like everyone else. There are way more black kids being killed by black kids on a daily basis in our communities, why aren’t the people out raged about that? (THE)

  • ChrisWilliams stillwearscross urHeartbra's

    Why is it always blacks rioting and causing trouble? Funny how Memphis is full of them and anytime they will be doing it here. That’s why the city is messed up just like the country.

  • Rude Druid

    Having cops — and NEEDING cops — does not mean we have DECENT cops. As this shooting demonstrates.

    As story after story EVERY DAYS on the news demonstrate.

    Cops supporters seem to be K KK sympathizer types. At least on this board.

  • Lied too

    Really rude Druid I guess your definition of a decent cop is one that catches you breaking the law and gives you a fist bump or says don’t let me catch you again. A bad cop is an enforcer of our laws. Trying to take an officers weapon is a me or you situation not a racial one, and I think it’s interesting how there are a hundred witnesses in ferguson but police can hardly find one in any other type of shooting.

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