Have you gotten ‘the talk’ that Ferguson shooting protesters are posting about?

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(CNN) — If you’re African-American, you might have gotten “the talk.”

It’s a discussion, usually with parents, about how they need to behave around police officers because of the color of their skin.

On social media, many African-American users have used the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, to share their stories about “the talk.”

On Twitter and Facebook, the hashtags #IGotTheTalk and #IGaveTheTalk have been trending topics since the shooting on Saturday. In the posts, users recount being taught,

“Me and my brothers literally had to rehearse talking to the cops w/ my parents,” wrote a Twitter user with the screen name @HeDoinTooMuch.

Other tweets have included:

The Ferguson shooting has played out in a big way on sites like Twitter, where information spreads at lightning speed.

News of two journalists being arrested while covering the aftermath of the shooting went viral on social media Wednesday, focusing attention on what some in the town have compared to a war zone.

And on Twitter and elsewhere, the “hacktivist” group Anonymous was working to expose the name of the officer who shot Brown before police revealed his identity on Friday.

In a related viral trend this week, students and other social media users — many of them black — shared images of themselves with their hands up in the air.

At Howard University, students at a back-to-school housing meeting posted a photograph in which hundreds stood in the “hands up” position, which witnesses say Brown had done to show he was unarmed before he was shot.

In a Facebook post Thursday, the historically black university in Washington said that it was “proud of our students who have united peacefully to show they will not stand for the senseless violence anymore. Thank you to the Howard University Student Association for leading and organizing this display of solidarity.”


  • Anonymous

    Everyone should avoid the police. They can beat, arrest and kill you with impunity. No matter your skin color. Do not call them. They will always escalate a situation, never deescalate it. Defend yourself and your neighbors.Click my username for a collection of stories of corrupt cops from all over the US.

  • fred

    What does the black race expect? For years they have established their lazy give me attitude and folks are tired of it. Even lots of the black race themselves are fed up with the ‘give me a hand out’, black folks.


      The Black race is just as diverse as the White race, or any other race. Those rioting Blacks or those ‘give me a hand out Blacks’ don’t represent the majority of Blacks anymore than the officer who shot the young man or any segment of the White race represent the whole. We have to stop allowing dysfunctional subcultures to define our thinking. Those of us who love peace and decency must hold on to our common ground.

  • takenobull

    Do you live in a neighborhood where you have to chain your lawn furniture to the porch? Do you have to have dogs chained in the back yard due to trespassers and thieves? Do the stores in you area have people who come in rough up store owners and steal merchandise? Are their shootings in your area daily by people who live in year area? If so you have bigger problems then a cop shooting a robber :)

  • j

    no no no , black race is scared, the hispanic race is taking over as the minority it is not the black any longer. hispanic will get the gov benefits that the blacks have been getting ALL OF THESE YEARS! White people have been paying for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should know.

    • Christine

      Blacks people are not lazy. This an urban myth that greedy business people use to justify hiring illegal immigrants. Black slave labor built this country. I see how a lot of whites posting comments about crimes being committed by blacks. White people you need to be fearful of your family members. There are so many criminal cases out there where the white victim was killed for the life insurance policy.

  • Dave

    How about having a conversation about respect?
    Respect for fellow human beings.
    Respect for the law.
    Respect for yourself.
    As I saw a commenter in another story say – if a police officer tells you to get out of the street, get out of the way, get on your knees or whatever – do it. If you haven’t done anything wrong worry about making a big deal out of it LATER, but not at that time. Protesting it at that time will do nothing but make things worse.

  • takenobull

    The Media only interviewed people who said he was a gentle giant and preparing for college. I get so confused

    Officer Darren Wilson Side Of The Story After Shooting & Killing Michael Brown

    Play Video

  • takenobull

    The Media only interviewed people who said he was a gentle giant and preparing for college. I get so confused

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