Neighborhood welcomes increased police presence after fatal shooting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- There was a very obvious police presence in the Pope Street area just one day after a fatal shooting. Police tell WREG they were there to make sure nothing bad happened Friday.

Police dressed in black t-shirts and bulletproof vests pulled over nearly every driver close to the store on Pope Street and searched their cars. They were looking for the person who pulled the trigger on Thursday.

Officers pulled Donte Tuggle over just in front of the store. He says police are profiling.

WREG asked Tuggle why police said they pulled him over.

He said, "Seatbelt. But I know what they're looking for. They want to find the person who did this."

Tuggle says the shooting isn't out of the ordinary for this neighborhood, and it's all anyone is talking about.

"I can,t say you get used to it, but you get used to hearing about it," he said.

Janay Turley says these criminals need to deal with their problems somewhere else, not in a public place like the neighborhood store.

"My grandma can't come outside anymore. She can't run from no bullets. She's old!" she said.

She knows police may pull people over for the wrong reasons, but she feels safer knowing they're looking for the shooter. Her daughter McKenzie loves to play outside, but recent gunfire in is keeping her inside.

Turley said, "I applaud the police. Round them up and move them out."

Neighbors say if the police presence was like this every day, they would have a lot less to worry about in this part of town.

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