Officer named in Missouri shooting; Teen was robbery suspect

FERGUSON, Missouri — Authorities say officer Darren Wilson was the person who shot and killed Michael Brown last weekend.

Wilson has worked for the police department for six years with no history of discipline.

In the minutes before the shooting Wilson responded to a sick call.

It appears Wilson encountered Brown and another male and yelled at them to get out of the middle of the street where they were walking.

Before that, police said Brown was involved in a strong-arm robbery at a convenience store nearby.

Video from the store was released after media outlets filed Freedom of Information paperwork to obtain the video.

KTVI-TV reports, “Michael Brown was allegedly involved in a convenience  store theft that occurred on August 9th at a nearby convenience store.

The dispatch records and video footage of the robbery have been released. The strong arm robbery occurred between 11:53 and 11:54 a, immediately proceeding the teen’s shooting death.”

In the surveillance video the man is wearing what appears to be a white shirt and khaki shorts, the same clothes seen on Brown’s body in the street after the shooting.

A baseball cap seen on the man in the surveillance video also appears to match one Brown wore in photos posted to social media.

Some who say they saw the incident after the robbery said Brown was shot was running with his hands up.

Police have said he struggled with an officer and tried to get his gun before the shooting.

We are told 4-6 shots were fired.

The officer reportedly had injuries to his face.


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