Both sides in the debate over wine in grocery stores

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It has been a highly debated topic for years, wine in grocery stores.

Tennessee legislators voted to let you decide whether to put the question to a vote.

The group collecting signatures says it needs more people to sign its petitions.

Right now, more than 14,900 signatures have been collected in Memphis.

More than 33,000 have been collected in Nashville.

Red White and Food, a group, working with grocery stores and others, is collecting signatures statewide.

Communities that already sell alcohol by the drink or in liquor stores can put a referendum on the ballot if they get enough signatures to equal at least 10 percent of the residents who voted in the last gubernatorial election.

So far, 37 communities in Tennessee have enough signatures to let voters have their say, that includes Dyersburg, Oakland and Paris.

Kroger and other stores are helping gather signatures.

We talked with people on both sides of the issue.

Joe Bell is with Kroger and is for the initiative, Gary Burhop from Great Wines & Spirits is against it.


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