Man robbed, dragged from wheelchair

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man in a wheelchair was targeted by thieves near a downtown park.

Police say Antonio Harris was held up by a man and woman who threatened him with a large stick.

Harris said he was at the fish market across the street from Manassas Park when the woman came running toward him with a stick and a man ripped a fanny pack off his waist, then pulled him from his wheelchair to the ground.

"They took my keys, my wallet, my food stamp card , my laundry card and my ID," Harris said.

Harris said he saw the same couple at the park Tuesday and told police.

Vonkarius Levy and Tiffany Marks have both been charged with robbery.

Harris wants to make sure they stay locked up and can't believe anyone would go after someone in a wheelchair.

"I was in tears. I cried because they stole from me. When you take from me, if you want something from me I can help you out. You can just ask me. You don't take an rob from me," Harris said.

Someone found most of his stolen items, but not the nearly $200 Harris says Levy and Marks took from him.

They are being held on $20,000 bond.


  • Don't hide behind ur screen

    These savages have no shame in their game anymore.. I’m glad you’re ok Mr. Harris, these clowns will pay a much bigger price for what they’ve done.

    • palefacesnowdonkey

      A dude in a wheelchair? The bond should be 100,000.00 pitiful and they should’ve arrived at 201 with a pumpkin head


    Folks, the real problem in the Memphis area is punks land punkettes like these two will likely not see any serious jail time. Their bond will likely be lowered to something they can make, the case will drag out for a couple of years, the prosecution will reach a plea deal for reduced charges, minimal, or no, jail time, …

    I’d love to see a study showing the impact on crime if repeat offenders had been sentenced to maximum terms for the charges they were originally charged with, … and not the diluted charges and “wrist slap” administered after a plea deal..

  • Who That Say Who That???

    Awwww!! This very sad. They didn’t have to jack him up. He said he would have helped them , if only they would have asked.

  • Sally Smith

    I am glad he is okay, and I wish that he could move away from here. I wish we all could….except for the thugs, of course.

  • JJ

    This must be a misprint. Downtown Memphis is the ” safest area” in all of Memphis. The Downtown Memphis Association said so. So bring the wife and your daughters to Beale Street and have some good clean fun this Saturday night. ( That guy with the bashed in skull on Beale last Saturday night was an ” isolated ” incident.)

    • Wanda

      Before you help this guy check him out first he’s always out panhandling, lives in government assisted housing that we pay for and receives assistance. I know him.

      • Carla Howe

        And???? Why would you discourage anyone from wanting to help someone else? It doesn’t matter if he is Donald Trump. If people want to be charitable to others and show they care, why should you?

  • Mary Jo Raulerson

    I would also like to help. I don’t have much but if several people chipped in we could at least recoup his $200. And I really don’t care where he lives, Wanda.

  • Ching Ching 88

    This happened in Memphis?? No way? There is no way this could have happened in this great city with the great leadership that we have. Where was the popo??? I am so embarrassed about this happening in Memphis. Cant believe this would happen here. Never heard of such a thing.

  • nothing but the truth

    Ching Ching I too am very surprised that this is going on in this city. And the beat goes on.

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