Violent week in Memphis involves many teenagers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A violent week in Memphis involved guns all across the city.

Five of the victims are teenagers who are now recovering from gunshot wounds.

People in the neighborhoods close to some of the shootings say they don’t believe the violence will get better anytime soon.

The numbers we got from Memphis police show a disturbing trend for the year – the number of juveniles involved in crimes is almost more than the entire year of 2013.

“I hear every day somebody has been shot,” said Debra Boland who lives in Memphis.

Boland says she’s afraid to leave her home because of the violence happening all over her city.

A reason she may feel that way: this year, Memphis police have investigated more than 3,000 juveniles in relation to guns and other crimes.

They also say more than 2,000 juveniles were victims of crimes.

For the entire year of 2013, MPD investigated more than 3,000 juveniles involving guns and other crimes, and more than 10,000 kids were victims of gun crimes.

“Access to too many guns worries me. That’s scary that there’s always a shooting going on everyday somewhere in the city,” Boland said.

Many are demanding answers. Tuesday, a 12-year-old was shot in the head near Egypt Central and minutes late,r a 16-year-old nearby was shot in the leg.

“We could encourage that, get more people out. Maybe mentor some of these younger kids before they get to the point where they get involved in all the crimes. I think that`s one solution,” said Jones.


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