Vigil held for Michael Brown, spurs conversation about police

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., has people in Memphis joining in the prayers for peace.

A vigil was held at Health Sciences Park, where a moment of silence took place.

Many say they get upset thinking about what happened to Michael Brown. One man says it's disturbing and he wants this type of violence to come to an end.

The purpose of the vigil was to encourage people all across the country to remember the victims of police brutality.

Participants read the names of those who died in police custody or in police-involved shootings.

"The police feel like they are above the law, they do not have to answer to anyone and their word is god," said Doris Deberry Bradshaw.

Relatives and friends of loved ones who died spoke of a need to build trust with officers to prevent violence like what was seen this week in Missouri, where the unarmed 18-year-old was shot by officers. Accounts differ on how the shooting took place and has led to violent protests in the St. Louis suburb.


  • no justice

    Fuck that, if someone is trying to attack me and take my weapon as instructed you must neutralize the threat.

    • Concerned

      Exactly. As instructed. Police officers are purposely recruited to have IQs between 60 to 90 because at this level they are more compliant. This is a problem. People at this level of intelligence lack complicated problem solving skills. It is a scary thought that a person in this intelligence range has the authority to shoot someone. The police department also promotes from within so that means even detectives are limited in this way.

      It should be the opposite, they should recruit police officers between 120 to 140 and offer them real pay and guess what would happen? Crime would drastically slow down. Most criminals are more intelligent and that another scary thought.

      • donaknowsitall

        I have a college education and hold a good job, live in a nice neighborhood and drive a nice car an I have NEVER had an IQ test.

        Where do you gets these facts from?

        Does every cop take an IQ test before being recruited?

      • Concerned

        It’s during their psych eval. Yes, you can find this all over the Internet, in fact there was a famous case about it not that long ago. It is actually a well known fact. Having a degree does not prove ones intelligence. It is actually very simple to get one if you aren’t lazy, regardless of intelligence. Now if you have a Masters or Doctorate in physics that would be a different story.

      • Concerned

        It is a proven fact that 65% of the populous are considered unintelligent, so do you think colleges would make a profit if they were only tailored to 35% of the people? They know this and tailor it toward the majority and realize that the 35% will continue school for a Masters and Doctorate.

        Statistically speaking, the most intelligent people in America have the following: HS/GED + some college, Masters, or Doctorate. The unintelligent have mostly the following: No HS/GED degree, Associates, or a BA. This is because intelligent people get bored easy of simple task and require a complex environment or high levels of motivation to function. These figures are also available online from multiple accredited sources.

      • lawman

        This response is coming from TNlawyer ,who hides behind his key board and thumps his chest. You really have life twisted if you believe MY degree will save my life against a young man. I. Feel sorry for you. It take the armor of God not a degree that gets me home at the end of the day. Lord forbid you are ever held up and pull out a degree. I challenge you with your high IQ put up or Shut up. Wear the badge.

  • Harold

    Where is this outrage when your kid are out there shooting each other or robbing and shooting innocent civilians? Why do this now? Because it was an officer involved shooting? You want to stop the police from shooting people but it’s okay to do it if you’re not a cop?

    • lawman

      Concerned, you sound like a educated college drop out who didn’t go far in life because of experimenting with recreational drugs and your hurting inside. You want to blame the officer because at the time college life was good. I want you to know that it’s not too late. You can make it. Stop what you doing right now and head to your local recruiter. GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Jerry Hughes

    Shooting a unarmed black male is not neutralizing a threat. If you have more then one witness say this officer shot this young man in cold blood they must bring charges to this officer. His word means nothing just because he is a police officer.

    • donaknowsitall

      Let’s just wait for the results of the investigations to come out before anyone starts pointing blame. That is what I find difficult to understand. Everyone lies to protect themselves, unarmed black men and police officers. So, since the state troopers ad the FBI are involved with the Ferguson police, they will be investigating, talking to ALL witnesses.

      Another I cannot understand is why the additional violence. Why rob local businesses? Why over turn cars in the street? These cars didn’t do anything, these businesses didn’t do anything.
      I don’t get it.

  • John

    A bunch of race baiters is all I see..when a black officer shoots a black person you hear nothing about it on the news..ohh but when a white officer shoots a black person it’s “they racist”

  • thesadpainfultruth

    Meanwhile, pay no attention to all the crime perpetrated by blacks on blacks whites and every other group in and around Memphis. The cops may be a problem but blacks have a mindset in this modern day that is also a huge problem and it leads to things like the Mike Brown incident. Let’s be truthful and start pointing fingers at the real problems.

    You cannot turn a blind eye to black on black crime ( just look at the stats for Memphis, Detroit or Chicago in given day) and then get all upset over something like a cop shooting an ‘innocent’ person. Black people need to make changes and big ones and fast. Yes , you do!

    • no justice

      When a black person get shot no one see nothing nor know nothing, but during the whole time they know who did it. People tend to go about them no snitch “law”. However, when the police shots someone, people can’t stop telling stories of what the police did.

      • Concerned

        It’s not just about that. Police have been this issue regarding many incidents with veterans lately in many states. It is becoming more and more clear that police do not have that capability to handle complicated situations, but this is not their fault and due to hiring standards. Police departments need to drop this 30-year old rule of not hiring people who rank higher than average intelligence on their psych eval scores. This recruiting 60-90 nonsense needs to stop. You just have to pay people of higher intelligence to keep them interested, but that is what we need to do. We need police who can handle complicated issues and can think of alternative methods on the spot. There is a rule…there is no such thing as a single rule to follow for any situation, there are many!

        The current hiring standards are causing more problems than good and they need to be put to an end. They believe that people with higher intelligence would get bored of the repetitive motions of the job, would quit, or become corrupted…this is not the case. It has been proven that people of higher intelligence have a greater depth of values and justice…this is why they are avoiding hiring them. They want people who are simply going to follow orders, blindly. This must stop.

  • Paul Fischer

    If the black community wants to address the issue about the police, how about pointing the finger at your own ethnic group about the general lack of civility and the problems that plague your community. You want to solve the problem, stop blaming everybody else for your problems and deal with it constructively.

    The black community has lost any moral high ground after the first brick was thrown and the community chose to riot, and consistently are blaming the police for the response they came with. So lets call these protestors what they are, domestic terrorists worthy of being eradication.

    Keep it up black community and see why business owners are going to think twice about investing in your neighborhoods. After graduation, I know I won’t invest in a black dominated neighborhood or work there.

  • 122811

    A lot of the comments are true but if a black officer shoot a unarmed white boy he’s going straight to jail….and the investigation will start after that officer is lock up. Think about it… whole issue with this is the young man was unarmed and they have more than 1 witness saying the same thing. If you can go and put a charge on someone with 2 or more witness and they will have a warrant by the end of the day what makes this so different?

    • Concerned

      Unfortunatly, that is just cold hard statistics. Per 1000 African-Americans more have been involved in violent crime compared to 1000 Caucasians. It’s just cold numbers. Based off the numbers, odds are if it was an African-American, chances are they started the altercation. People are looking at this from the wrong angle, this issue is not about race, but an issue regarding police officers capability of handling complicated issues and moral decisions. That is what needs to be tackled here. We keep finding more and more examples of the lack of both and a police against the populous mentality, and this needs to come to an end.

      It is all about their hiring standards and training. They are way off course and it needs to change now.

  • bugoff

    he was just looking for trouble if his mom cared for him she should put him to college maybe she would still have him here!

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