Vigil held for Michael Brown, spurs conversation about police

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., has people in Memphis joining in the prayers for peace.

A vigil was held at Health Sciences Park, where a moment of silence took place.

Many say they get upset thinking about what happened to Michael Brown. One man says it’s disturbing and he wants this type of violence to come to an end.

The purpose of the vigil was to encourage people all across the country to remember the victims of police brutality.

Participants read the names of those who died in police custody or in police-involved shootings.

“The police feel like they are above the law, they do not have to answer to anyone and their word is god,” said Doris Deberry Bradshaw.

Relatives and friends of loved ones who died spoke of a need to build trust with officers to prevent violence like what was seen this week in Missouri, where the unarmed 18-year-old was shot by officers. Accounts differ on how the shooting took place and has led to violent protests in the St. Louis suburb.


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