Couple wanted for murder of daughter caught

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NEW ALBANY, Miss.  -- A Mississippi couple who have been on the run since 2008 have been arrested.

Ramon and Janet Barreto were wanted in connection with the death of their 2-year-old girl in 2009.

Already serving a five year sentence for the death is Janet Barreto's daughter, Marainna Torres.

Police say Marainna killed the child by throwing her across a room.

The Barreto's adopted seven children from Guatemala and reportedly kept them in terrible conditions.

Marainna Torres, who said her life was a nightmare and she did not mean to kill the child, is serving five years in prison.

Last year, they were added to the U. S. Marshals Service most 15 wanted list.

The couple was located in Portland, Oregon after taking off when they were released on bond.

The couple faces numerous charges, including child neglect, child abuse, manslaughter and tampering with a witness.

Over the years, the pair were tracked from Memphis to Mexico and California.

Their capture closes one chapter in this tragic story, but it doesn't answer the question of why little Enna Baretto was killed.

But more than six years later, there's a sense of relief for people who hoped the pair would someday be caught.

"I'm just so glad they were caught. And I hope they bring them back to New Albany and put them away," Becky Swords, whose home is a half mile from where the Baretto family lived in rural Union County, said.

But the distance to the cemetery where Enna is buried is painfully closer.

Swords visits the grave nearly everyday, and so do a lot of other people.

"Oh yes. That little girl's been in everyone's mind. Flowers are put on her grave frequently. The community just kind of takes care of that little girl," said Swords.

Willie Raines heard about the Barettos' capture and says it seemed like maybe they'd never be found.

"I didn't think they was ever gonna do it. I figured they was in Mexico or somewhere," said Raines.

Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards says the pair always seemed to stay one step ahead of the law.

Edwards says over the years, nearly everyone has asked the same questions.

"'You're never going to catch them are you?' Or, 'do you think you'll ever catch them?' And my answer has always been, 'We'll get them,'" he said.

The sheriff says the memory of Enna's tragic death has been the key motivation for making sure the Barretos didn't evade capture.

"We never lost sight that she lost her life. So we never quit working for her," said Edwards.

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