Sheffield Elementary School teacher accused of punching 5-year-old girl

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Shelby County Schools and Memphis police are investigating allegations that a Sheffield Elementary School teacher punched a 5-year-old student.

MPD said it received the complaint Tuesday, but the event reportedly happened a week ago.

SCS said in a statement, "The District is investigating these allegations, and the teacher has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation."

"I have not heard the news, but I think that's kind of outrageous," said Kamie Crain, a new parent of Sheffield.

Crain said she plans to follow up with her children's teachers to be sure her children are safe.

The teacher has been suspended. MPD is still investigating and has not made any arrests.


  • OMG

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    • Renee Weekly

      Never heard of a obammy package. But more importantly. How do you know that this woman is on public aid? Also OUR President name is Obama. I hope your children aren’t as disrepectable as you.

    • Cosmic Valet

      It’s uneducated, powerless racist like you that are ruining this country. But know we know you are probably a child beater yourself. Wow how impressive you are. UGH

  • TimSimpsonWearsBloomers

    Two things:
    1. The kid is probably lying.
    2. IF the kid is not lying, she probably deserved it.

    • jcathyc

      No the child is not lying other children witnessed.the incident. No child 5 year old deserves to be children punched the teach your should be terminated

      • jcathyc

        teacher should be terminated. should never hurt a child if the child was too much she should have suspended her not punched her

    • Cosmic Valet

      Please tell me how a 5 year old child or anyone else for that matter DESERVES a punch in the face. How sick can you possibly be? You are a member of the new race of bottom feeders that have invaded our culture. Hateful, stupid and grossly misinformed.

      • gummy bears

        Its wrong on so many levels. Let a teacher put their hands on my kids I would straight empty my 9 in them

  • Terrie

    3. IF the mother is lying she should be fined $500 and the kid should be kicked out of school!
    4. If the teacher did it, she should go to jail for a minute

  • Danielle Tubbs- Cheeseman

    Why would they wait a week to report it? was the child still attending school after this event took place?? If they waited a week to report anything, a lot of coaxing can be done to a 5 yr old child. Not saying that they did this, but that’s always possible?? There’s no telling. There are crazy people in this world, so its possible. Sad but true

  • MikeBarret

    I don’t know about punching kindergarteners but I know sometimes they smack a kid getting out of line. It’s the only thing the traditional students respond to. They don’t listen to the white teachers at all and heaven forbid a white teacher smacks a black student, Al Sharpton would have to get on his private jet and come straight here.

  • gummy bears

    There is no reason why a teacher should be putting theirs hands on someones child…tht teacher needs to be in jail with the other criminals…

  • Kristian jones

    The teacher that is in question was the teacher of my son last year and he came home repeatly saying his teacher was pinching him and he came home once and said the teacher had slapped him I complained repeatly to the principle and she would never follow through with it so I had him transferred to another teachers classroom. I just wonder if this would even have happened if the principle would have done something last year !!!

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