Local university makes history after record enrollment numbers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Parents across the country are sending their children off to college, some for the first time.  A local school is making history due to record enrollment numbers.

Christian Brother`s University is preparing for its largest freshman class and students aren't surprised that the school is making history.

CBU is expecting nearly 360 freshmen this fall. Additional classes are scheduled in order to meet such a high demand.

“I think it`s great for the community that a small catholic college could do great things,” said Allni Lee, a junior on campus.

Frank Busher is the vice president of Academics and Student Life on campus. He credits community service to the increase in enrollment numbers.

“We focus on service, student service not only to the university community but also to the Mid-South and the city of Memphis so we've widened our student programming tremendously during the last year,” he said.

Busher also credits a strong faculty for the increase in enrollment, but truly believes more students are looking at Christian Brothers because more people want to do good for the community.

The University of Memphis will release freshmen enrollment numbers later this month.

The school did not raise its rates. It also started a new plan where they lowered the cost for certain out of state students in order to recruit more students in the region.