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Two teenagers shot in southeast Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two teenagers were shot Monday evening.

Both were taken in non-critical condition to Le Bonheur, where their conditions were downgraded to critical.

The shooting happened at Winchester and Castleman.

A third teenager is speaking with police. His mother tells WREG her son is friends with the two who were shot.

She also says the shooter is in his late ’30s, and the shooting stemmed from an argument on Facebook.

MPD says the suspect was in a gray Dodge Charger.


  • houndog

    30 years ago, we lived on Castleman near Winchester. It was a great place to live until the wonders of diversity destroyed the neighborhood. You know the story.

  • nothing but the truth

    This really surprises me. They are African American men and usually these types of shootings are white thugs who have destroyed our beautiful city. I am so tired of these white people who destroy neighborhoods and live off the government while the Black people have to pay for it.

  • Ching Ching 88

    So shocked that a shooting occurred in such a nice part of the city of Memphis. Absolute shock at this!!!

  • Christine

    I hate to say it, but white people will be lost without black people. For example you have Congressman Peter on television saying that President Obama should give the Iraqi government more weapons. When the terrorists got close, the Iraqi soldiers fled and left all of this equipment behind. You white people need to understand that those who are calling for boots on the ground want to let your children die for political gain. Even Hillary Clinton is talking foolishness about Syria. The only true allies that the United States is the Kurds.

  • yamaha

    Its too bad that people that comment on here cannot use proper grammar, so that others can actually understand what their intent and message is….One must assume that if a person is unable to use proper grammar, they are most likely ignorant, and unable to have an educated perspective, as it relates to the subject at hand, whatever it may be……
    Parkway village is the hood and it is no surprise that senseless killings take place there. When folks will kill one another over a pair of shoes or a piece of chicken, one has to conclude that a person’s life no longer has no value…..YOu have been reduced to whatever your personal belongings are worth…..plain and simple.

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