Sexual assault training workshop to help victims

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- College students say it’s a disturbing topic, but they’re glad police are addressing what tends to be a common problem in their community: sexual assault.

They held training workshops Monday. The workshop helps law enforcement officers understand how to deal with a person after an assault.

College students at the University of Memphis and other campuses like the idea.

Sexual assault is a difficult topic for some college students. It's also one of the biggest problems at schools across the country. Almost everyone knows someone impacted by the crime that often goes unreported.

Abi Sanvee's friend was sexually assaulted at UT Martin.

“It's very difficult and they went to counseling and stuff to help them out, but there was precautions taken,” she said.

With a massive backlog of untested rape kits, some up to 30 years old, Memphis police and the city are trying to build confidence with victims.

“The importance of today is to help everybody who is trying to work on sexual assault cases and deal with sexual assault victims know the best ways to respond and what the importance is of all of this evidence and how to gather that evidence and build cases to convict rapists,” said Deborah Clubb, executive director of the Memphis Area Women’s Council.

Clubb says it's important for officers handling these cases to understand what's going through a person’s mind after being sexually assaulted.

While cameras weren't allowed inside, college students believe sessions like the one at the University of Memphis will make them more comfortable speaking out about sexual assault.

“I think that`s great. It`s great to be knowledgeable to see how to deal with somebody who's gone through that,” Sanvee said.