No one called police for bloody man on Beale Street

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A spokesperson for the Memphis Police Department said the communications center didn't receive any emergency phone calls as a man was recorded passed out in a pool of blood on Beale Street.

Around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, dozens of people pulled out their phones to record video of a man passed out on Beale Street.

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton and Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong released statements about the video circling social media.

The mayor's office sent WREG an e-mail, calling the incident "truly regrettable" and "upsetting."

STATEMENT | Mayor is "not so shocked" by Beale St incident

"I was shocked. I was absolutely shocked. I was surprised nobody helped him," a tourist told WREG.  "Everybody stopped and took pictures and nobody was helping him."

Also in an e-mail, Armstrong responded to claims that police took too long making their way to the scene.

Armstrong's office said no one dialed 911 about the bloody man on Beale Street.

"It is disheartening to see an injured person laying on the ground with spectators capturing photos and video; but not calling for assistance. MPD Communications did not receive a call concerning this wounded individual; however, officers who were assigned to Beale Street responded immediately once they witnessed a large crowd and a man down," Armstrong said.

Investigators are looking through footage from cameras placed at each end of Beale Street.

Police said the man was too drunk to remember what happened to him early Sunday morning.

According the the police report, the man stated to police "I'm straight," when asked what happened to him the morning of the incident.

“This is an ongoing investigation and we are trying to put the pieces together to determine what actually occurred,” Armstrong said.

The man in the video was originally rushed to the Regional Medical Center and placed in non-critical condition.  WREG learned the victim was released from the hospital Monday afternoon.


  • blakspartan

    Goes to show how much the black community cares about their own, we have video proof that blacks can care less about their race, but if he was beaten by a cop oh they would shout no justice no peace

  • Lex

    @Blakspartan. The violence was inexcusable and so was the fact no one called for help. But, you can’t make a general statement about the entire Black community because of the behavior of a particular part of that community. Just as you can’t make a general statement about whites, Hispanics, Asians or any segments of those communities. Yes, there are many ignorant Blacks and Whites in Memphis, but they don’t represent the entire community. There is more than one Black culture here…

  • Brian

    I hope the entire world sees this video and stops coming to Memphis.. It is painfully obvious that this city does not give a damn about it’s citizens or anybody else. What in the hell is wrong with people? Why would you video a person in distress instead helping that person? Everybody that video’d that should be arrested also for failure to give aid. It’s a shame, I am ashamed to live in this city. Everybody else should be too. You really suck Memphis..

    • no justice

      Y’all are saying he needed the police? He needed the paramedics. Goes to show, how much people are willing blame the police for anything!

    • vanessa

      Dont blame the police. They were trying to get the crowd under control. What if the officers wouldve turned their back on the crowd and focused only on the man lying down (noted the officers had no idea what was going on. What happened. Who caused what. If there were any weapons involved. So om and so forth) officers have to think about multiple things at once. Including their safety. what if a group of people decided to jump the officers once they were focused on the guy? Thrre were motr than enough people to do so. The police arent medics. They cant do much with a guy bleeding on the ground. Besides call for an ambulance. I mean come on. They did their job. They got the crowd away. How can you help someone stand up when the are unconscious? Ya cant…… THINK PEOPLE!! seriously. The police camt just go moving people who is covered in blood. It doesnt work that way

  • Council Clowns

    What is everyone so “shocked” about? This poverty stricken, ignorant crime infested cesspool is the laughing stock and the armpit of the State of TN and a total and outright National embarrassment with some of the most corrupt, bogus criminal politicians in the Nation.

  • Council Clowns

    It is a shame no one helped the guy though. It’s quite despicable. Then they steal the man’s wallet and watch? So what if he drank a little too much anyone that drinks at all probably has done so himself on more than one occasion. Those that did this to this guy are just one more example of the fine citizenry here in this disgusting place. I hope this is spread all over the internet and persuades even more people not to visit this ignorant, poverty stricken, corrupt, bogus, crime infested National embarrassment of a place.

  • Simply Saying

    The sad part is that he probably went on Beale with his friends and this is how they left him. I blame the friends! Who would let this happen to their friend???? You cannot blame the Police but you can blame the people standing around using their phone to video this happening to the young man instead of using their phones to call the police or paramedics to help the young man. SMH. Memphis is so sad and black, white, yellow or gray any race of people that would stand around watching him like that is sad and ignorant.

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