Blytheville police find 100 lbs. of pot in man’s home

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BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. -- Officers found a hundred pounds of marijuana inside a Blytheville home Saturday morning.

Police responded to a burglary call but ended up finding  a pile of pot and a lot of cash.

Now the homeowner is in big trouble.

"They were quiet. I did not hear a thing," said Paulette Hodges.

Hodges lives on East Hardin street in Blytheville, Ark.

She said she didn't have a clue anything out of the ordinary was happening across from her home Saturday morning. That is, until her son told her.

"My son had come over to take my husband to breakfast. And he said, 'a bunch of police cars are outside.' And I said, 'really?' So, I just came to the door and looked out," said Hodges.

She said she saw police in the back and front yard of 101 East Hardin, where they found a hundred pounds of marijuana and a lot of cash inside.

Da' Shawn Pruitt was stirred from his sleep Saturday by flashing blue lights outside his bedroom window.

"The first thing I did was went to go my mom and she went and tried to check it out.  And they wouldn't let her check it out. So, basically we were wondering what was going on," said Pruitt.

Blytheville's police chief confirmed officers made an alarm call at the house.

No one was home, but they  found signs of a break-in.

While clearing the house, they spotted the hundred pounds  of pot and the cash, so they left to get a search warrant and notify the Second Judicial Drug Task Force.

Before agents arrived, the homeowner showed up and was arrested.

Monday, no one answered the door at 101 East Hardin, although a car was in the driveway,

Hodges said she knows the man who lives in the neat-looking house with the rose-bush and she just can't make the drug connection.

"He's always checking on me. I have a sick spell, and he always see if I need anything before he goes to work or whatever. He's really a nice guy," said  Hodges.

The Second Judicial Drug Task Force is handling the investigation and has not released the name of the man arrested Saturday morning.

He's expected to be arraigned on drug charges Tuesday in Blytheville.


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