What do Thursday’s election results mean?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The Informed Sources dig deeper into what all the results mean.

Why are the Democrats losing so many races in Tennessee's bluest county?

What about Memphis Mayor A C Wharton? Is his squeaky clean image somewhat tarnished now?

Are any rising stars surfacing?

The team also looks ahead to November.


  • Joe

    Susan is exactly right. People are tired of the same ole song and dance. Memphis is on its way down. The same old people aren’t going to save it. There are smarter people out there, people that want to make a difference, people with new ideas. It’s not only taxes, it’s someone being murdered and it doesn’t even shock us anymore. They show these families on the news, distraught by these murders and no one seems to care, because it continues to happen almost every day. You can’t sit in your home anymore without someone kicking the door in. You can’t walk from your car to your house without being attacked, drive down the street, go to the mall, and they want to sit around and argue about minority contracts. There’s something very wrong here.

  • Ralph Noyes

    The Democratic Party is incompetent in its core functions. Its leaders are a cabal of corrupt scalawags with their own self-serving agendas, which do NOT include trying to actually win elections. Bryan “we don’t need you” Carson needs to go, for starters. The racist and corrupt elements in the party majority need to go, too.

    NINETEEN DIFFERENT sample ballots, INDEED !!!

  • John G

    Amen midtown mike agree with 110% its ok for a black to be racial biased bigot but do it when you are white may god have mercy on your soul

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