Disabled vet accused of attacking officers during food theft arrest

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A disabled veteran is behind bars, accused of attacking officers after he was caught stealing food.

Kenny Peacock’s mug shot shows many bruises on his face. Police say he was involved in several different scuffles that sent him to the hospital before being booked into jail.

According to a police report, Saturday morning, a security guard at the Walgreens off Poplar and Cleveland spotted the disabled veteran trying to swipe a couple of hot pockets worth not even six bucks.

The guard took Peacock to the store`s office to wait on Police. Police say Peacock became so violent, the guard and another store worker pepper sprayed him to try to get the disabled man under control.

“Mr. Peacock, he has no legs. He`s in a wheelchair,” said Roderick Baldwin, Peacock’s housing manager.

According to police, the pepper spray didn`t stop Peacock from throwing bottles of beer he had stashed in his wheelchair, at the employees.

“That`s just crazy,” said Walgreens shopper, Joe Austin.

Police say one of those thrown bottles of beer smashed a window. The glass cut two arresting officers.

“He came past us in the wheelchair. Yes I did see that man,” exclaimed Ronal Kent who lives nearby.

Kent didn`t see the alleged scuffle but says he saw Peacock minutes before. Kent says this happened at the same time a church group was giving away free food right across the street.

“I think it’s sad because he was stealing food and they give out food right down the street on Saturday mornings,” said Tonyia Mason who lives nearby.

Peacock isn`t homeless. WREG tracked him down to an independent living center on Bellevue. It’s ran by the non-profit, Door of Hope. The organization takes in people who are mentally ill or disabled and have been homeless for more than a year.

Despite his recent arrest, Door of Hope`s manager says Peacock will still have a place to live when he gets out of jail.

“Individuals need help,” said Baldwin.

Police say Peacock also assaulted a worker trying to take him into custody at the jail. He’s accused of hitting that officer and grabbing his gun belt. According to the report, the two wrestled on the floor during the scuffle.


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