Bloody Beale Street video causes concern

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- *Disclaimer: Some viewers may find the video attached to this story difficult to watch.*

A man was recorded passed out in a pool of blood on Beale Street around 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

The video was shared more than 1,800 times on Facebook.

"It's very sad, very graphic, very disturbing to say the least," Alan Howze said.

The cell phone video shows a man, with his pants down to his ankles, bleeding and passed out on Beale Street between Second and Third.

Dozens of people were seen standing around snapping pictures and recording video.

One person was spotted rummaging through the man's pockets.

People WREG showed the pictures and videos to on Sunday could not believe their eyes.

"When we talk about tourists coming to this particular area, everybody wants to be safe so it's definitely a cause for concern," Howze worried.

"He was unable to give information to police officers last night due to his intoxication," Major Trey Shull, with the Memphis Police Department, explained.

Major Shull said officers have seen the video that is sparking attention on social media.

"We've sent officers to the Med (Regional Medical Center) to follow up today," Major Shull said.  "He doesn't remember very much at all about what happened to him last night."

Investigators worked to jog the man's memory in an effort to determine if the incident was accidental or a blatant attack.

MPD officers are also in the process of checking video footage from Blue CRUSH cameras located on each end of Beale Street.

"Hopefully we'll be able to glean some information from those to try to find out what happened to this individual," Major Shull said.

Some people blamed MPD for a slow response time, but Major Shull assured WREG the incident was handled quickly once officers found out about it.

"Also as a citizen you have a duty to act.  I mean we can't walk around and ignore what's going on in our very eyes.  We have to be courageous enough to step forward and do something about it," Howze explained.

Monday, police said records show no calls to police about the injured man.

Police said this incident is an ongoing investigation, and no arrests have been made.

Monday, Mayor A C Wharton, Jr. released the following statement in response to the incident:

Although we are still not clear on what led to the man being in this state, this is a truly regrettable situation all the way around. 

I guess I’m not so shocked by the fact that even in a city known for helping people in need that a person in obvious distress would not be immediately assisted by those who saw the situation.  I ‘m reminded that even in the Biblical story of the Good Samaritan, two people passed by the man on the roadside bleeding before the Samaritan stopped to help. 

What is, however, more upsetting to so many of us is that instead of ignoring this individual’s need for help, some people actually stopped and took the time to use their phones to record the incident.  These are the same phones that people could have used to call for help given that the initial team of Memphis Police Officers arrived on the scene despite having not received a report of the incident.

With that said, I look forward to hearing from Memphis Police after they have concluded their investigation into this matter.  As much as this would have been disturbing no matter the individual or the area of town, I want to assure our tourists, residents, and citizens alike that Memphis is still the City of Good Abode and their collective safety is our priority.


    • donaknowsitall

      Are you saying that disturbing was spelled wrong? If that is the case, I think you are wrong, I only noticed the word “disturbing” one time (in the fourth paragraph), it’s spelled correctly.

    • m

      Nothing but thugs on Beale…Need to set up road blocks and check ID’s for warrants of everyone who come to Beale….charge a fee..then the broke thugs can’t get in….cause all criminals are there watching waiting on the perfect opportunity to rob you… down there swirving, bouncing cars with 4 or 5 gang members in back seat…THUG CITY..
      MPD better get control or will be shut down like the malls… sad

  • Mariah

    Why are people filming instead of helping or calling 911????? Memphis is doomed, we REALLY need Jesus in this city. Lord, have mercy!

  • CheshireCat

    The reason for the slow response time is because they were probably too busy beating up starving, disabled veterans over some hot pockets! This makes me sick…people recording him? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!? Counting the days until we move away!

  • sj

    Now where was MPD? Those streets are normally guarded by several officers, shame it took so long for help to come. I know crime is everywhere, but Memphis is really getting ridiculous. This is the very reason why I don’t go out especially down to Beale.

  • donthidebehindurscreen

    This is a disgusting display of the true reality of Memphis, there’s no value for life anymore! You’ll NEVER catch me on Beale mingling with savages, hair hats and cavemen!

  • Kay

    Don’t go to Beale street and get drunk, people are low down, he cannot remember, it could have cost him his life
    What if it was your kid, your brother

  • Reginald

    Its a shame how lowdown and ugly people can be in this city, Instead of helping the guy up off the ground and get him too help everybody stood around him parading taking pictures and videos while going through his pockets and this guy is laying in a pool of blood SMH where is the heart and love this city once had!!!

  • Don

    What do Thursday’s election results mean? Hmmmmm
    Some won and some didn’t.
    Lets see what can be done about AC Wharton and his coney’s
    Some of the voters don’t remember what a mess Wharton made when he was Shelby County mayor.
    Shelby County is doing well with Mayor Luttrell.

  • hard

    Crazy replies . The problem is not with MPD but with idiots more concerned about posting on facebook instead of helping. Let me tell you its very safe on Beale there’s a policeman on every corner but of course those that seek to do harm often know their victims. Thats what most of the incidents are , Memphis is no more dangerous than any other major city take my word , I travel a lot and would much rather by in Memphis than any other major cities. Its a inferiority complex by most that havent ever been past the Arkansas bridge. Next time offer first aid instead of taking pictures

  • Reverend Dave

    You would much rather by in Memphis? For a alleged well traveled person, you spell like a fool. Memphis is the last place most would prefer to visit. You must be one of Cotton Tops lackeys.

  • Leigh

    Why blame it on MPD??????? The Police didn’t raise these fools in Memphis!!!! Put the blame where it should be “BAD PARENTING”. That would include the parenting of the idiots standing around taking pictures and putting it on video. Instead of helping him.

    • Ed

      The blame should be placed upon good ole AC Wharton and the 7 councilmen sheep that follow him. They knew after 8 years of no pay raises, abuse, constant pay cuts and benefit reductions all the policemen would quit and oh yes they have. My cousin said over 200 have left in the past 3 months alone leaving none to protect the citizens and tourists. Get use to this type of savage violence as soon it will be an everyday occurrence. The tourists will not make it home with their property but will hopefully make it home with their lives.

  • Ginabell

    IF heartless people are going to just stand around taking pictures, whether he was attacked or just drunk accident, why not go a little further with that christian compassion, and start a tour to see & video tragic events in Memphis? New jobs… :-(

  • S. Ashford

    This doesn’t just happen in Memphis…It happens everywhere. I get so sick of people always talking about how they are tired of the crime in Memphis or how dangerous Memphis. Crime is prominent in all areas, in all states, among all colors and creeds. Stop singling Memphis out and making it seem like we live in Iraq or Afghanistan. Do more to educate yourself and those around you!!! Don’t talk about a change…create one!

    • OMG

      Iraq or Afghanistan would be safer than this zoo. Bury your head in the sand and wait to be the next victim naive idiot. Memphis is ranked one of the most violent crime ridden cess Pooles in America but I guess they’re just making that up right? Take a trip down on Beale and when you’re released from the hospital let us know how your night out went.

      • S. Ashford

        Clearly the idiot is you. You don’t know how to respond civilly without insults. LOL…Educate yourself…it could take you a long way. I have visited Beale Street several times and I am glad to say that I have never had any problems. But from your response, I need to stay far away from you regardless of what side of town im on. You sound like a maniac. And crime don’t just happen on Beale, it happens in Cordova, East Memphis, Germantown, etc… you name in area in Memphis and a senseless crime has happened there.

  • G Money

    Ppl are instagraming and facebook’n everything these days…did anyone think tho that the person who was going thru his pockets was maybe looking for an ID to identify the victim for the police. Everyone is not bad around Memphis. I agree with the frequent traveler that there are worse places than Memphis 10.

    • m

      LOL….guess that was u “G.Money” one of the savages getting his wallet to check his ID…u couldn’t get the police (right there on the corner) to check for id…you a joke…..jus one of the many thugs down there lookin for some1 to rob….

  • Get ready

    Ditto about folks getting ready about no police. Ask your wonderful mayor why we have 5 to 10 officers leaving a week. For all you posters that complain about slow response. How bad MPD is. Give it a year , and God help you if you need the police …… There isn’t going to be any quality ones left. Then you will have something to complain about that’s valid. That is WHERE is our police? Because there is not going to be a whole lot left. This is going to be MUCH more dangerous than this poor guy .
    Ps Getting hammered at Beale is just plain dumb. There is no longer the officers down there there was .

  • Problematic

    No one felt sorry for that drunk fool he had just finished fighting with a girl and apparently she had some male friends with her who finished the fight… Justice was served!

    • John T. Dwyer

      I’d go along with this view. It is very true that some people are still out there who aren’t going to put up with a woman getting roughed up.

      On the other hand, if this guy had been at home in bed, getting as good night’s rest, preparing for his job tomorrow……he would not have been passed out drunk with his draws pulled down on Beale Street would he? Much less camped out at The Med overnight!

      Can’t blame the police or the City of Memphis for this one! They didn’t get him drunk and lay him out, they didn’t pull his draws down, and they sure as heck didn’t put a sign on him that said: “Film Me!”

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        Dwyer you are a butthole just like your relative on the bench and the dead one as well. Firstly, young ppl get drunk. You don’ t know if this man did anything to that woman or if he is employed typical of your volk to make assumptions but as Dubois,Malcom X, Nkuramah said you filthy Edomites can’t be trusted no way no how Ever

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        Dwyer you are a butthole just like your relative on the bench and the dead one as well. Firstly, young ppl get drunk. You don’ t know if this man did anything to that woman or if he is employed typical of your volk to make assumptions but as Dubois,Malcom X, Nkuramah said you filthy Edomites can’t be trusted no way no how Ever a true devil u r

    • John T. Dwyer

      The truth stung, and the goof had to reply twice, but still had spelling errors. When there is no intelligence, no meaningful dialogue, no viable coherent solution…….the ignorant and malgenetic resort to name calling, obscenity, and attacking the dead.

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        Oh dwyer, everything I said is perfectly clear. I would prefer a klansman over you. Sir, you are full of deceit. NOTHING stung you made a blanket assumption about the young man. How do you know he assaulted anyone? How do you know he isnt employed? Hmmm You speak of Dubois but you know nothing of him. Save your hypocrisy typical euro satanic demon

  • Wesley Kitchens

    A few years ago, Mayor Wharton made it so you can’t carry a gun on Beale Street. All he did was stop Law Abiding citizens from carrying. Beale Street had a good reputation, till he passed that law. NOW, seems all you hear is bad news from Beale Street. I’m not putting my Family into a situation where I can’t protect them. Haven’t been there since he passed that, and won’t be back till it’s changed.

  • JJ

    Beale Street is dangerous and has been for 10 years. If you are stupid enough to visit Beale, prepare to be stopped by beggars, panhandlers, peoples on disabilty, thugs and gangsta wannabees. Of course the Memphis Tourism Bureau says Beale is safe….why should they lie? Because several of MTB’s members own restaurants and bars on Beale. Club 152 is one of them. Check it out for yourself.

  • Terrie

    I wouldn’t go to Beale street these days either, in fact I talked a family member out of having her b’day party down there. I agree w/33 too. A beggar coming up to you these days asking for anything may get shot or beat up as well. It’s just not safe. I’d be willing to say this guy wears his pants that way, got drunk, fell & hit his head.

  • Skeptic

    The problem is once mid-night hits the sewer rats and scum come out of their holes. Reminds me of Iraq and other Middle East countries when they’ve killed a U.S. soldier. Beale St. needs to be closed at mid-night. If you aren’t in a bar, you got to leave the street. And this is coming from a Beale St. business owner.

  • Glenna

    Just another embarrassing incident in Memphis…It’s a disgrace to this city for this to continue year after year….Crime all the time….where are leaders in this city????? Our City Council is a joke….leaders have been a joke in this city for years…It just goes on and on and on…Someone needs to step up to the plate and take over these clowns….Shame on u people for not taking the action with this incident!!!!!! GKR

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