Weirich keeps D.A. seat by besting Brown

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — National fame couldn’t push ‘Judge’ Joe Brown past current District Attorney Amy Weirich in the polls.

He only received 36 percent to Weirich’s 64 percent.

Weirich told supporters at her watch party Thursday evening that this election is “the voters telling the candidates and the world of politicians we do vote for hope and not for hate.”

Brown, who no longer has his syndicated judge television show, kicked off his campaign by getting arrested at juvenile court and followed that with personal attacks against Weirich.

For her part, Weirich kept a fairly low profile and ignored Brown for most of the campaign.

Weirich, who has been a prosecutor for more than 20 years, was appointed District Attorney in January of 2011 and was elected in August 2012.

In response to her opponent’s personal attacks and the race being over, Weirich said, “We ran on our record. We ran on the work that I do as district attorney. Thank goodness the voters heard that message and sent the message to the politicians that we want quality candidates. We want people that are best suited for the job. We want hope over hate and inclusion over division.”

As for what she wants to do during her next term, she said, “You continue the great work we’ve been doing with the multi-agency gang unit. The gang injunction that’s worked so effectively in the Riverside area. We need to take that method and use it in other parts of the city that need it. Also, get back to and continue the work at the family safety center. It is our one stop service provider for victims of domestic violence.”


  • whitedemonsandblkfools

    Joe you did it to yourself even I voted for Amy she wasn’ t the best choice for negros but judge Joe you ran no campaign if you simply did that joe would HAVE gotten my vote.

    • 1midtownmike

      ” the best choice for negros”…………………..your statement is why a tax base continues to leave Memphis.

      At least the majority of voters (black , white, etc ) showed racists like Joe Brown & Henri Brooks that they were not wanted in elected office.

    • John T. Dwyer

      The great intellectual W.E.B. DuBois once stated that, “the ultimate evil in this world is ignorance and it’s child stupidity. The solution is education to rid ourselves of such as these.”
      We apparently have a number of educated voters as reflected in the those elected.

      I believe that some of the voters in Memphis have finally come to the sound conclusion that they will no longer be led by what Thaddeus Matthews once called the “old negro brigade.” Those old ward healers, oreos and house cats, who would tell (threaten) the illiterate voter which lever to pull.

      In my relatives campaign, the opposition resorted to personal attacks including my deceased father, and family. (In fact, he wasn’t even out of high school when my father was in office.)
      No response to the foul accusations were made as I reminded my relative of Proverb 26 verse 4. In this instance, and as your screen moniker says, the fellow was indeed a “BLKFOOL!”
      In the Weirich/Brown match up, the same advice was emphasized and offered. Mr. Brown went down in flames as you state, because he had no campaign information to offer and the people saw through the clowning, buffoonery and filth.

      However, as I warned both, there is something about the winning numbers they received. They must now attempt to find out why they did not impress the lower numbers and work to finding a common ground.
      Hate is a difficult state of mind to perpetuate. There is a lot of it on both sides of the fence. The phone calls and texts and letters I received proves that!
      It worries me that we have come so far, yet we are so very much behind.

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        Mr Dwyer,

        I will admit your relative is a hard Judge but a fair judge on the question of Judges All I DESIRE is a FAIR JUDGE but if the judge is Negro its better to show the youth its a better way but in your relatives case he was the better choice his being Caucasian is irevlant he ran a better campaign so yes his numbers should HAVE been better

    • donaknowsitall

      I can’t believe that you said that. “The best thing for negros…” are you kidding!

      The best thing for THE PEOPLE is being fair and equal straight across the board.

      There should be NO COLOR. YOU make it sound like only the blacks can take of blacks and only whites can take care of whites.

      It’s comments like yours that cause such hate and discontent in our society.

      YOU post HATE!

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        You white ppl can talk all that there should be no color nonsense all you want but bottom line there is and I will allways think of whats best for mY ppl 1st and foremost. So kindly take your your hypocrisy and paternalism and hang. She was not the best choice by her record but voted for her based on judge brown running no campaign

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        Dontknowitall you are crazy I gave The white DA ny vote and you STILL complain? Amy Weinrich was REALLY the only choice its a devil you know situation I have even praised her on this site. Yes, I wanted for Joe but he ran no campaign and as a Black Man and a former Judge he knows better. At least Mrs Weinrich has diversity in her staff this dude showed us nothing but hes negro thats not enough

  • Council Clowns

    Who cares? She’s the DA of the most crime ridden, poverty stricken, illiterate, uneducated, and ignorant County in the entire State of TN, and one that is a National and outright embarrassment. This place is a despicable and National disgrace.

    • Lady D

      Must be the Republicans fault since this town has been run by Democrats for the last 30 years.. 72% Black single mothers across the US.. These women need to stop voting Republican too…

    • KT

      You are right Mary, it had nothing to do with color. Joe Brown did not need any help from anyone to show how stupid he is, he did a good job showing that himself. I guess he thought he was on his TV show.

  • impulse item

    Looks like a “less is more campaign” doesn’t work to well. Joe needs to find himself a crack whore and ease into retirement.

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