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Three Tennessee Supreme Court justices overcome ouster campaign

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Three Tennessee Supreme Court justices up for retention votes will keep their seats on the bench.

Chief Justice Gary Wade, Justice Connie Clark, and Justice Sharon Lee were faced with an ouster campaign, which brought more attention – and much more money – to the election than in years past.

Opponents both in and out of state raised large amounts of money for their campaign, including $425,000 from a political action committee tied to Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey. The justices responded by raising more than $1 million to combat the push to remove them.

By comparison, the state Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance reports no money was spent in the 2006 retention race.

Why the change? Wade, Clark, and Lee were all appointed by former Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen, and Ramsey, a Republican, has admitted he wants only conservative Republicans on the state’s highest court.

The three justices stopped in Memphis during a tour to fight the ouster campaign, during which Lee said Tennesseans understand there’s no place for politics in the courtroom.

“Tennesseans get it, they understand that, and they’re standing up and they’re saying this: ‘We’re going to vote to retain. When we go to court, we want our courts to be fair, impartial, and we don’t want there to be any politics in the courtroom. We want the Constitution to rule, not politics,'” she said.


  • Nothing has changed

    If the Constitution was to rule then these judges wouldn’t be judges to begin with. The Constitution states Supreme court Judges are to be ELECTED by the people. Nowhere in our Constitution does the word APPOINTED appear. They are ILLEGALLY sitting on the bench. Under this Unconstitutional Appointment process, the Governor could appoint Adolph Hitler and if the people vote REPLACE the governor could APPOINT a Fidel Castro. The people have ELECTED no one under this scenario. It is ILLEGAL. People gripe, beyotch, and raise Cain about the ILLEGALS on our border and then vote to keep Alexander who voted for amnesty. They complain about the judges then retain them. What we have tonight is the same fools re-elected that is causing this chaos. Pathetic.

      • You Move

        Move? Why should they move? They posted what the Constitution of the State says and your reply is move? Why not answer their question on why the politicians are breaking the law with the appointments? Because you are one more liberal who is led around by the nose and laws are beyond your comprehension.

  • Ralph Noyes

    A decisive defeat for Ron Ramsey, the Koch Brothers, and the Teabaggers!

    And more important, a decisive victory for our INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY.

    This was important. We avoided a very dangerous turn of events.

  • Mayflower my rump

    Yep here comes Ralph, head of the local chapter of the Communist Party. Ralph is a homophile, cant make a post without that Tea Bag comment. Hey Ralph tell us what you know about the Tennessee Plan? Just as I thought, you don’t have a clue. Tell us what the TN Constitution says about how our Supreme Court is to be chosen. Again Ralph is mute. Facts and laws get in the way of these communists and they can only call names and divert to another issue. Give us some more of those George Soros, Harry Reid, Peloosi talking points.

    • Meg Seigenthaler

      I did notice one thing about this exchange, Mister Rump, Ralph is not so cowardly that he has to use a fake name. Fake names represent fake people, especially when used in attacks. Hiding behind your mother’s skirts or, in this case, internet anonymity, does not speak well of you. Convictions require courage. Otherwise, it’s just bloviation.

  • Left Wing Loons

    I just love these comments. It shows the utter ignorance of the left wing. Christian Taliban, bigot, tea bagger, far right activists, And yet not a one of them will debate the law, the facts of these Supreme Court appointments. Not a one of these left wing loons has ever read the Tennessee Constitution. Not a one of these posters has even ever heard of the Tennessee Plan and how these appointments started. No all they can do is call names just like their leader Obama and the rest of the communist party. Is there anyone on the left that thinks laws are to obeyed rather than broken? Is there even one who can discuss or debate an issue without calling names?

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