Parents back license plate checks at Desoto County Schools

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OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. -- It may have not been the welcome some parents wanted on the first day at Desoto County Schools.

Along with teachers and staff, deputies were on some school campuses looking for out-of-state tag violations.

Earlier this week the sheriff's department let parents know by way of Facebook they would be staking out school to make sure everyone with kids attending the schools have Mississippi tags.

Sheriff Bill Rasco says if you have kids in Desoto County Schools, you better live in Desoto County and be paying taxes there.

Parents we talked to agree.

"You know, they make it so hard to get into the schools here and they are always so overcrowded. I just think if you lived here you should have taxes and all things to go along with that," said Jeanette O'Bryant.

Deputies weren't ticketing parents today, but were making it clear that parents can't drive over state lines to bring their children to school.

At Center Hill Middle School in Olive Branch, we saw a number of vehicles with Tennessee tags go through the drop-off line.

Parents were even pointing out the cars with out-of-state tags.

Desoto County Schools administrators are also serious about who attends their schools.

Last year, they put out 160 kids after they discovered their parents had falsified their own records.

The sheriff hasn't said how often they will be checking for out-of-state tags at schools.


  • shared cust dad

    I agree! however, what about children of divorced parents? The child lives with one and goes to a Desoto school properly, but the other picks up the child from school each day with an out of state tag? Should the picking up parent be bothered every day based on their tag? and have to explain this every day?

    • Don

      Why don’t you speak to the sheriff about what to do in your position. If you and the child live in the county, more than likely you won’t have any problem, but be truthful.

    • Brownsuga

      ^^^^Exactly, just want to give people a hard time. Nuthin else betta to do I assume!……but that’s none of my business!^^^^^

  • tristian

    desoto county is just making theirself look more dumb every day. and they are just trying to find a way to make ppl owe them money. desoto county use to be the place to live now its nothing but the county wanting to get you in trouble and make you give you their money.

  • Cherrie

    Not to leave out the people that reside in MS, but live in a different county than DeSoto and driving their children across the county line. This happens daily. I’ve seen for myself too that parents from neighboring counties of DeSoto driving their children across county lines. Yes, they have a DeSoto County tag, however, they do not live in DeSoto. That’s an even bigger issue, because the persons are living at a lesser tax base, but sending their children to a higher tax base community where more funds are being poured into the school system because of the larger schools, this takes away from the schools that could benefit from having more funds and making the system better. By parents doing this, it drives away much need funds to properly give the other schools the necessary tools and equipment they need to bring the students to the education level we ALL want out children to be on. Without the high tech equipment, the advanced classes, and extra curriculum program, many students will be left behind.
    If people could find a way to violate city and county laws and get away with it, they will.

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