Lamar Alexander advances to November election

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Incumbent Sen. Lamar Alexander is still in the fight for his seat.

His main challenger was State Representative Joe Carr. Some also said a third viable candidate was Memphian Dr. George Flinn.

Alexander received 50 percent of the vote, Carr had 40 percent, and Flinn had 5 percent.

The Democratic primary is currently too close to call, with Gordon Ball at 37 percent and Terry Adams at 36 percent. Gary Davis and Larry Crim have 18 and 10 percent, respectively.


  • Elwood Suggins

    Maybe Mr. Flinn will retire from politics. Sir you have about as much chance to be elected as Prince Mongo. There is no doubt you are a good person but stay out of politics.



    Surely you don’t think people are stupid enough to buy your poorly done commercial where it was made to appear you were debating Obama, but the record shows you voted for his foolishness. You have become a pawn like so many others. You need to go

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