Body found in Georgia believed that of Trumann, Ark., man

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TRUMANN, Ark. -- The gruesome discovery of a body in Georgia that could be a missing Poinsett County, Ark., man,  led to four arrests and charges.

The body is believed to be that of 22-year-old John Wesley Wood, Jr.,  of Trumann and was found Sunday in Gordon County east of Calhoun, Ga.

Wood was living in Georgia with his mother when he was reported missing in late July.

Lexie Ballard, who dated John Wood, Jr. for three years while he lived in Trumann,  said the young man was about to move back to Trumann to live with his father.

Ballard said she can't understand why anyone would want to hurt him or cause his death.

"Everybody knew John. He was so outgoing. And it's just been hard, really, really hard on a lot of people," said Ballard.

She was hit especially hard by the death of Wood.

She said Wood was the kind of person who could light up a room.

"He had a funny personality and he could always make you laugh," said Ballard.

She said Wood had an interest in drawing and took art classes all four years he attended Trumann High School.

About a year ago, Wood went to live with his mother near.

Wood was last seen July 24th at the apartment where he was living, and there were reports of two suspicious persons and a suspicious vehicle at the apartment.

Ballard said she spoke to Wood a week before he was last seenh.

She said it wasn't uncommon for Wood to get away to be alone sometimes, but no one could reach him.

"And I didn't get a reply back. And then we heard the report that they found the remains of his body," said Ballard.

A missing persons report was filed July 28th and a decomposed body, believed to be that of Wood, was found Sunday morning in a wooded area in northwest Gordon County.

Three persons from Georgia have been charged in the case. Nathan Mahan is charged with murder, robbery, parole violation and obstructing law enforcement officers. Lelion Siskey is charged with murder and robbery. Nathan Neighbors is also charged with murder and robbery.

Stacie Ashworth was arrested for giving false information to officers and concealing a death.

Ballard works at Ballard's Flowers, the only florist in Trumann, Ark.

She's now preparing herself emotionally as the news of John Wood, Jr.'s death sinks in.

"It's been really, really hard to hear people call and ask for flowers for John Wood's funeral.  And it's almost impossible for me to take the order.  But I know I'm going to have to," said Ballard.

Funeral arraignments for Wood are incomplete at this time.

Photos used in the video are courtesy of the Poinsett County Democrat Tribune and Facebook.


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    “About a year ago, Wood went to live with his mother near.” Near what?
    “Ballard said she spoke to Wood a week before he was last seenh.” seenh?
    Its hard to take journalist seriously when stories are written like this.

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    I think it’s sad that’s all you have to say…I feel for the family and hope they don’t have to read ignorant comments like these!

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