DeSoto County sheriff warns of car tag checks

HERNANDO, Miss. — DeSoto County Sheriff Bill Rasco says this is the first year he’s ever given fair warning that his deputies will check car tags on the first day of school

He and school leaders are serious. If you have kids in school here, you better be paying taxes here.

Suzette Perry says it makes her mad to go to school and see a line of cars with out of state tags.

”I think if you live in Mississippi, you ought to have Mississippi tags on your car to go to school here.”

That’s because those taxes go to help pay for schools.

Rasco wants people to know his deputies will stake out several schools, looking for tax violations. He even put out a warning on Facebook.

He says the law also applies to company cars.

”If they drive a company vehicle and it’s housed in the State of Mississippi, it’s supposed to have Mississippi tags on it. That’s what the law states,” he said.

Rasco says he’s serious about enforcing the law, with no exceptions.

School Superintendent Milton Kuykendall says he’s equally serious, and will throw a student out if they’re in class on false records.

”We put 160 kids out of school last year whose parents falsified documents to go to our schools,” DeSoto School Superintendent Milton Kuykendall said.

After all, Rasco and Kuykendall says there’s no free ride. Taxes support schools, and if you’re not paying, you don’t have the right to hold a seat in a classroom.

”People want to come to school in DeSoto County, but we want them to live in DeSoto County and pay taxes for that reason,” said Rasco.

”If they’re gonna go to our schools, they’re gonna live here,” added Kuykendall.

Because Suzette Perry says it’s not fair for her to pay for somebody who’s getting a free ride.

”Somebody’s paying for it and I pay my fair share of taxes,” she said.

Rasco says he’ll have deputies at Center Hill, Lewisburg and Lake Cormorant, and probably more.


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