Parking permits stalled for Ole Miss students applying online

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OXFORD, Miss. -- Students at Ole Miss say parking permits are a hot commodity.

They need a permit to park on campus, so with classes beginning in a couple of weeks, students are trying to get their permits now.

This is the second year they can apply online, but some have found it's not going as smoothly as expected.

Warren Bristol spent his Wednesday trying to get a parking permit so he could attend classes at Ole Miss.

"I walked all the way over here to figure what was going on and turns out I can't sign up today, I have to sign up tomorrow," said Bristol.

Bristol is a graduate student from Biloxi, Miss.

He's one of many commuter students who tried to go online to apply for a campus parking permit and ran into problems.

"And I tried to sign up and then there was a virtual wait list room because the servers went down, or something. And now the servers are completely down," said Bristol.

Dylan Peden, an Ole Miss senior from Meridian, Miss., ran into the same problem.

"I went online this morning and it's just a total cluster. They opened up at eight o'clock this morning and nobody seemed to be able to get theirs at all," said Peden.

Peden said he believed their were about 2,000 permits less this year for commuter students than last year.

The university's enrollment is at 18,000 students, and there's no reason to think that number won't increase.

And there's new construction just about everywhere you turn as the school makes way for new labs, classrooms, dormitories and a new state-of-the-art basketball arena.

Danny Blanton, director of Public Relations, said parking is one of the issues that comes with growth.

"We're going to make sure that there's parking permit sold for every commuter space that's available on campus, there's a permit that's sold for every residential space that's available on campus. But we don't want people to have a residential permit and not be able to find a residential space," said Blanton.

Blanton said this is the second year students have been able to go online to apply for parking permits.

Online registration was meant to eliminate long lines at Lester Hall, but the high number of applicants seemed to have bogged down the system.

Blanton hopes students will have patience, but Bristol said patience is not an option for everyone.

"The guy in front of me,  he's flying out-of-town tomorrow and he's going to be on a plane for about 12 or 13 hours.  And he won't even be able to sign up for passes tomorrow. So he may not even get a pass because of this," said Bristol.

One student told us his parking permit cost almost $100, but the prices of parking permits varies.

Once all the residential and commuter permits are sold, students can buy permits for one of the park-and-ride lots that are available and ride a shuttle to campus.

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    Attention fellow Rebels!!!!!!! As of 7:30pm I purchased my commuter parking pass online!!!!!! Go back and try again!!!

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