Elderly couple recounts robbery: “You won’t believe how frightened I was”

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It was a scary night for a Memphis couple who came home and found armed men in their backyard.

It happened in the Colonial Acres neighborhood in East Memphis.

Marilyn and Ed Powell say they will never forget what happened last night.

The elderly couple said when they got home, they parked their car in the driveway. When they tried to walk inside their house, they noticed the men in their backyard.

"Just as I opened the door and I turned on the lights, a young man appeared who had a knit mask with only the eyes showing, and he asked me for my ring which he couldn't get off of my finger, and then he asked me to go into the house, and he came in and emptied my purse,” said Marilyn.

They've lived there for eight years and have never been so afraid.

“He says, 'Well lay down,' and I says, 'I can't lay down, I won't be able to get up, I'm 81,' and so he says, 'Well get down on your knees.' Then so I tried to get down on my knees and he tried to get a billfold from me, and I said, 'I don't carry any money, my wife's got a charge card for our supper,' so he didn't get my billfold. I didn't have it in my pocket, I had it in the house, so he took it from the house,” said Ed.

Ed did have $40 in his top pocket that the robbers took. They also stole a laptop and watch.

Ed says one of the men even slapped him a couple of times on the shoulder with a gun.

The two men got away, and that's when the couple called police. Now they need your help finding them.

"You won't believe how frightened I was. I was just shaking from one end to the other, because I didn't know what was going to happen,” Marilyn said.

The couple wasn't hurt.  If you have any information, give Memphis police a call.


  • I Want Out of Memphrica

    i honestly thing these animals can’t control themselves. But in the end, they are are good kids, just misunderstood. Just ask they momma

    • whitedemonsandblkfools

      If you want out of Memphis stop whining and leave these guys got to be caught I dont approve of bothering old ppl REGARDLESS of ethnicity Its a punk move jacking an old man even a snow bird is WRONG and out of pocket

      • racist much

        I always find it amazing how blacks can use derogatory names toward other races and all one hears is crickets. BUT let a white use a derogatory name and the RACE CARD is immediately thrown out there. Care to define snow bird?

  • Heardit Here1st

    Oh yeah, and he was “young”… so one young man and one man. Be on the lookout. Armed and Dangerous.

  • Gtown sage

    I hope all goes well for this dignified couple who are still enjoying eating out around their city. Just looking at the care they have taken of each other and their home, makes me so angry that two criminals who have never contributed any thing to their community, terrified and stole from them. Stay strong Mr. & Mrs. Powell.

  • Kay

    pretty sad that the suspects must rob the elderly couple, sorry POS, a waste of air and space, as so many are

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