Car burns after crashing into MATA bus

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Witnesses captured dramatic shots of the scene just as rescue crews were arriving to a fiery accident in Hickory Hill.

Chauncey Upshaw says he was out on his porch when a car crashed into a MATA bus.

“He was lying on the side of the street,”Chauncey said. “I hopped the gate and asked if he needed some help.”

The car burst into fire at the corner of Knight Arnold and Ridgeway.

Rescue crews had to pull Betty Johnson out of the car after the crash. She and her passenger, Alyrone Green, were taken to the hospital. A third person was also injured.

Upshaw said, “Me and this other guy helped him just as the car blew up at the same time.”

The car crashed into a MATA bus, which was stopped to pick up passengers at the corner of Knight Arnold and Ridgeway.

Witnesses say there were between ten and fifteen people on the bus at the time of the crash.

“All I saw was this car coming real fast and it hit the bus.”

Memphis Police say Johnson was driving with a suspended license. She was also cited for making a left-hand turn into traffic.

It took about an hour to clear the scene before traffic was back to normal. Neighbors say they’ll remember this massive fire for a long time.


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