Candlelight vigil held for 16-year-old killed in crash

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CORDOVA, Tenn. -- A large crowd gathered Wednesday night to remember 16-year-old Briana Jones, who was killed in a car crash Monday. They held a private vigil at a Cordova church and a larger candlelight vigil at Cordova High.

The former Cordova High student had moved to Texas recently to live with her father, but was back in the area visiting her boyfriend and grandfather when she was killed in a crash Monday night.

Briana's friends said they had been crying all week, trying to cope with the sudden loss and supporting one another.

They brought candles, balloons and lots of love for one another.

"When people say she was always smiling, that's not a lie. She was so nice," said one student.

But all listened silently as Briana's mother spoke before the crowd, telling them all that Briana would always be with them and to never forget her, and to know every time they take the football field, that she is there too.


  • A friend

    I have been friends with her for years. We lost touch around a year ago but we were recently starting to talk and text again. Her & I were suppose to hang out this week before she went back to Texas. She was a GREAT person. That is an understatement. She is an amazing person. I don’t think I could ask for a better friend. She was absolutely crazy (in a good way) I love you Bri. I always have and I always will. Keep your eyes down watching me. I love you sweet girl.

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