Warehouse fight first of many in DeSoto County

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OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. -- It may not have been the ‘shot heard around the world,’ but some say the 3-to-2 vote by DeSoto County supervisors to approve a big new warehouse development should be the shot heard around DeSoto County.

”It’s strange to me that the other supervisors, also residents of DeSoto County, weren’t aware of...just didn’t take into consideration the fact that there were well over 3,000 signatures and other groups that were opposed to this, and largely their voices weren’t heard,” Whispering Pines resident Chris Burris said.

But it’s not like supervisors didn’t provide an opportunity.

The board held two separate public hearings on the issue before voting on the classic competition between commercial and residential interests.

This is what residents say they’re afraid of: Capleville, Tenn., used to have a thriving community, even its own school. You can still see what’s left of the ball-field. Now it’s all warehouses as far as the eye can see.

But in the end, a majority voted that with some concessions, the Legacy Park development made a good fit, bringing in jobs and contributing new taxes.

”Bringing in new business and industry is how we’ve been able to keep our tax base stable in DeSoto County,” DeSoto Supervisor Mark Gardner said shortly before the vote.

But neighbors want all DeSoto Countians to know, that with fast growth picking up and a new interstate coming through, they’re going to see more fights like this, not less.

”The fight, so to speak, from this point, it’s gone beyond Whispering Pines, Greymoor and Fox Creek and such, you know. It’s letting the residents further east on Goodman Road know this could happened to you. This is coming,” Burris said.

And it's up to supervisors to balance economic growth with the desires of voters.