SCS expects bus problems to be resolved in one week

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Several parents called WREG on Monday about issues with school buses.

Parents cited problems from late pick-ups and drop-off to taking some students to the wrong schools.

A spokesperson for Shelby County Schools said a lot of the bus problems stem from the start of a new year.

First, SCS said many bus drivers are still getting used to their routes.

On top of that, people are still registering late, causing many set routes to be changed.

School officials also said some SCS students were picked up at their bus stops and taken to schools in the new districts.

The bus mix-up is blamed on school bus routes for different districts overlapping at several bus stops.

SCS decided to remedy the issue by putting place cards in the windows with school names printed on them.

The school district released the following statement to parents regarding back to school issues:

Parents, we thank you for your support and patience these first couple of days. It’s an exciting time for everyone, and we’re hearing great things across the District as principals and teachers have welcomed back students. We are working to resolve some issues this week, as we do at the start of every year. Most notably, we know that some buses are running behind schedule. We certainly apologize for any inconveniences. Please know that we are tracking all issues and concerns and evaluating routes every day to make adjustments as quickly and efficiently as we can. If you are registering for school after the first day, please make sure you confirm with your school that a bus route has been assigned for your child before he/she waits at a bus stop. Without an assigned route, drivers may not know to pickup/dropoff at your stop. Remember, to report any back to school issues and concerns, you can use our SCS Troubleshooter tool on our homepage.

A SCS spokesperson believes many of the issues parents are experiencing at the start of the school year may phase out after the first week.