Hernando voters reject park tax referendum

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HERNANDO, Miss. — Voters in Hernando strongly rejected a park tax referendum.

Approximately 75 percent of voters were against the tax. Only about 350 out of almost 1400 people voted for it.

The referendum would have added an extra two percent tax to restaurant tabs to pay for park improvements.

Before the vote, Hernando leaders said it was time the city invested a little in improving and sprucing up parks, but voters who spoke with WREG said they doubted that’s how the money would be spent.

Sixty percent of voters would have needed to approve the tax for it to pass.


  • DetlaEB

    Good —We are now taxed “to death” already— Next will be the ‘ WIND TAX “—If you break it–they will come for you and slap a tax on you.

  • Syndi Martin

    The mayor is already excusing this vote. He apparently thinks the only reason it failed is that those in favor of it have jobs and/or were busy running their children to ball games to be able to go out and vote. I guess he thinks the 75% who voted against it (myself included) just sit around at home all day with nothing to do besides run up and vote on his special ballots.

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