Coworkers help lift weight from woman’s shoulders

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- This week's Pass It On features a recipient who has her hands full, and some co-workers who care enough to help her.

Playmaker Kelly Mock greeted us at Baptist Hospital on Poplar in Collierville.  She, Sybil Kennin and recipient Terri Farris are all respiratory therapists at Baptist. Kelly and Sybil also invited Terri's daughter, Rebecca, to help us pull off our Pass It On surprise.

Kelly's been working with Terri for years and knows her friend is going through a lot lately.

"She's had some hard times with her father. He's been in critical care in ICU. She's also had to take of her mother who can't live by herself and she's had some financial hardships that have come up and we just want to help her with that."

Kelly and Sybil say Terri's always picking up extra shifts to help pay bills, and never complains.

Rebecca says her dad's a long distance truck driver who's on the road all week, so it's hard to see mom have so much on her plate.

"It's just real upsetting and real sad," she said.

Rebecca says her mom's either at work, the ICU with her dad, or caring for her mom, who has COPD. Things are stretched so thin, their utilities were just cut off.

When we surprise Terri, she says, "Thank you. Thank you so much. I love these people. They're like my family."

And our playmakers couldn't agree more.

"To see this go to someone that I connect with and's amazing."

When asked what it was like being a Pass It On recipient, she replied, "It was like winning the lottery. It was just wonderful."

Needless to say, the money was put right to use: to get the power turned back on. Our thoughts are also with Terri's dad, Joe Hurst, a retired cop.