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Community copes with loss of former Cordova High School student

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MEMPHIS,Tenn. -- People are coming together to help high school students get through a tough time after a high school student was killed in a car crash Monday.

It didn't take long for people in the Cordova community to learn about the loss of 16-year-old Brianna Jones.

Conturarius Walker had already graduated when Jones started there, but still took her death pretty hard because of the impact it can have on current students.

“It's really saddening when I think about the school and everything and somebody passing away. It's a huge loss to the community,” he said.

Grief counselors spent the day at Cordova High School. Jones went to the school before moving to Texas.

She was in a pick-up truck with her boyfriend, Barrett Taylor, when a 72-year-old driver hit them.

Barrett is a student at Bartlett High.

Josh Shirley is the youth pastor at Kirby Woods Baptist Church. He encourages members of his youth ministry to reach out to someone they trust when dealing with the loss of a close friend or family member.

“Sometimes we think, well I`m the only one who thinks this way or people would judge my thoughts but it`s important to express the thoughts and to hear those things are normal. It's understandable, you've lost a loved one, you've lost a friend,” he said.

As of now, no charges have been filed, and police are still investigating.


  • concerned

    Why are you NOT naming the 72 yo? You are plastering a 16 yo minor’s name everywhere, that was not at fault in the crash. Has anyone stop to think about that?

  • ron

    Sometimes accidents just happen. I am sure the old guy is very upset with her loss of life as we all are.

  • BellRinger

    ‘Accidents’ The man ran a stop sign… I hardly consider that an accident…..Stop signs are there for a reason…. Again, why is his name not being mentioned but the minor’s is?

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